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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Growth in the Darkness

"Growth In the Darkness"
My new WIP--which is pretty much done, just need to let it sit for a couple of days so I can be 'sure' it's done :)

---Even when it's darkest, there still is light. We can grow despite the odds before us---

5 x 7 on wood, created with a mixture of acrylics, alcohol inks, pearl x powders, and charcoal pencils. I definitely think I want to make this one into a print, I think it would look awesome in a larger format.

Hope everyone has been having a good week. I know mine has flown by with meetings out of town, normal busyness at work, running the kidlet, and keeping up with my creative mumbo jumbo :) This weekend, once again we have everything going on at once. I swear, it's either all or nothing. Saturday it's the Spring Fest downtown Southern Pines. Yes, that's the one my friend Mizfixit and I were supposed to share a booth. Well--we just couldn't get our act together and make enough stuff to be worthwhile before the deadline. I am disappointed in myself as we had that goal out there for several months and still---that wasn't enough I have been invited to participate in an Outsider Art festival in SC this fall--so that is a possibility but it is a long way to travel for my first show. I'm thinking I need to do something around here and test the waters before I get knee deep in strange seas without a paddle. :) BUT--I have till August to decide so it's still a possibility.

THEN--in addition to the Spring Fest (arts and crafts), the Joel Rd 5 mile yard sale is being held on Saturday. Now, y'all know how much I love a good yard sale, I would hate to miss that. I guess the only logical thing to do would be to do the yard saling early in the morning, take a break (lots of walking), and then go to the Spring Fest in Southern Pines in the afternoon. I better put some comfy shoes on! Truthfully, I don't know why I would be going to a yard sale this week when I'm having one the following week. Sounds contradictory. Heheh. It is, but the point is, you don't know if someone else's sh*t is better than your sh*t, so you gotta at least check it out ;) I'm really actually trying to de-clutter and get rid of things I've acquired (heheh at yardsales) so we are having a big ole sale in Myrtle Beach. Yep--my sh*t's gonna travel three hours to sell! I'm sure it will do better than out here in the country where we barely get any cars going by. I have a big enough yard to do it, but I don't want to haul all the crapola out for 3 peeps. Instead, my x is going to come up here to get our stuff to sell, take down Josh's bunk bed and load up his hockey table amongst other things and then they are having a neighborhood sale in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods down at the beach, Carolina Forest.
Lil man wants a big boys bed, so that's my goal for fundage for the sale. I'm hoping between the sale and the tax refund, we will make enough to buy him something he can grow into more so than bulky beds that aren't that comfortable. If there's enough left over--maybe I'll get some new bedding for my room. Bed Bath and Beyond is having a HUGE sale on a lot of their bedding. I saw a 600 thread count sheet there I could have just took a nap on yesterday when I was out and about......with that, sweet dreams everyone. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a artfully good weekend!


The Bag Lady's Art said...

Your piece should most definitely be made into a print! It is awesome and would look great. Well I hope you have great weather with all of that outside stuff planned! It sounds like our last weekend:-) This weekend only a soccer game and then it's downtime for us! Have fun, don't buy too much junque!

Heidi said...

Ooh, I LOVE that piece! The colors are just beautiful! I think that one definitely needs to be a print.

Have fun this weekend! Maybe you can buy something at a sale to 'flip' for your sale, LOL!

Alisa said...

Your new piece is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend...garage sales are the best!

Lola Enchanted said...

what a lovely piece! I do that too, I go to garage sales when I have NO business being there! Good luck with your sale!