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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Nest of Her Own

Here is my latest artwork:

"A Nest of Her Own"

((((Description taken from my Etsy Shop))))
Created on wood about 1/4 inch thick. Original piece included in my Series of "Altered Thoughts of Women". 1st two pieces in the series are now sold--be the third to own one of my quiet inspiration pieces, which gives a voice to my growing self realization that I am worthy as a woman, deserving as person, and growing into my own skin now as an adult.

In this piece, I convey my desire to have "A Nest of My Own", not just a home of my own, but I long to live somewhere that I can plant my roots and truly belong. I have always loved botanicals and incorporating flowers in my paintings, as flowers give me hope. Representing the roots and beauty I so desire in my life. Have you ever felt this way?? Hopefully this original artwork will speak to you and you can give her a good home.

There is a ton of texture and detail embedded within this piece, as well as areas of metallic sheen achieved by dusting pearl ex powders over the layers---so much to discover!!

This artwork comes UNFRAMED. Sides are painted and back has been finished. Can be framed or set on an easel for easy portable (and affordable original art)!

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments on my new do. How come no one told me that one side is longer than the other?? LOL I need to go back this week and even myself out a bit. Unless, I walk around with my head tilted most of the time!

Hope everyone had an artfully great weekend!!

*****update: Also available in my etsy shop is REFLECTIONS IN THE SUN !! stop by and check it out!


jar said...

Can't tell that one side is longer than the other in the photo. I like the color combos that you have been painting with.

Robyn said...

Love your talent...just love your work! Thanks for stopping by the other day!

Dinah said...

I'm catching up on your blog and I can't help but smile at your artwork. You've come such a long way! I enjoy reading about how you create your paintings, since I know absolutely nothing about that process. Your new "do" is terrific and by the way, I eat mayo on my hotdog. Like Vallen, I eat mayo on anything I can put it on!

Lisa said...

I love this piece. The colors are especially awesome. I didn't notice your hair being longer on one side. :) I think you look really great!

Leah said...

lovely work, lucy! i love the way you are expressing your growth through art.