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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Know a Good Actor if you Need One!

I had a rough night last night, not like a 21 year old running on the town rough night (good old days, remember those?), but a 39 year old with a triangle creating chaos in her life rough night. (((anyone see Chuck and Larry?? Triangle's not good...LOL)) Long story short, I was up at 2:30 this morning and I ended up staying up all night and into the morning before hitting the big old yard sale early on, and the craft show this afternoon. Lord knows how I'm still standing at 7:30 in the evening. I can't pull all nighters anymore!
The good news is, I was really really productive during my early morning escapade. I worked on all of my projects and this is where we are today. My productivity today in my artful endeavors is a perfect example of why I need to have this in my life. I would have sat around and cried or stewed all day if I didn't have my projects to escape with.

Sometimes people aren't all they are cracked up to be. It's amazing how good some people are at acting. How they can live with themselves when they are pulling the wool over someone else's eyes is beyond me.
Anyway, I've stewed over this all day long and I know I'm not making sense because I'm not rehashing all the details, but the main point is, I was put in situation that I didn't ask to be put into yesterday...I was working last night on my heart magnets, minding my own business when chaos walked in unannounced. Drunk as a skunk. Anyhoo--suffice to say, I learned some things that really really tipped me over the edge to say the least. So I decided to call someone on the lies--and well--same old same old. Not that I'm surprised but it really drives me nutz that chaos is obsessed with me and will not leave me alone. Go on with your life and LEAVE ME ALONE. Don't play me like a fiddle and think you are the best actor in the world because your not and I see right through it, and for what I don't see through, other people are happy to tell me. Especially when I go through your cell phone and find their numbers. HA!

Okay...enough venting. Aren't my newest pieces in progress cute as can be?? I'm using some of my new Golden Paint that I bought from Amy, another mixed media artist that lives in the area. I took a trip up to her house last week and bought a bunch of duplicate supplies she had for sale! whoooo hooo. These little 6x6 canvases are part of an order we purchased together. I have 12 total to work with for upcoming projects and another 12 on the way. I'm trying to beef up my inventory for 2 reasons. Number one, I am going to put some of my artwork in a local store so I want a nice collection of new items to display as well as I am going to...yes, I declare right here right now to do an art show this year at one of the local festivals. ALSO--I am going to submit some of my work to Cloth Paper favorite art magazine, so I need a few things that aren't in my shop to send to them as they can keep items up to 6 months or so as they jury you for their publication. This is going to be the year for me that I really make some moves to step it up notch in my little 'part time' job.

It not only keeps me busy, it keeps me sane!

Here's some more of my Sweet HeART magnets that I have going for another special order. I'm doing 24 of them this time for a customer. These buggers take a LONG time to make. First you have to cut the wood, then sand it, then prime all sides, then coat with black paint at least 2 times all sides, cut the background papers, cut the hearts out, cut the inspiration words out, then decorate. Final step is to seal on the front, let dry, then repaint the back because inevitably there is glue or XS paint from the decorating on the back...then seal the back and add the magnets. That's a lot of work for a 2.50 item. That's why I'm raising my prices on these!! LOL Not to mention, the new set of magnets I'm making are bigger than the last set.

Well, thanks for listening today even though half of it is in riddle for those of you who don't know who triangle chaos is.'s like a bad dream that keeps coming back every night and Ican't get rid of it no matter how hard I try.

Thanks for visiting and hearing me roar!!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

I don't know what is happening but...Sorry you are going through all "that"-- the good thing is that you are seeing through it and not falling into it! know what I mean?

I love your little magnets. I know how much is involved in making those "little" things...sometimes the little things take more work than the larger ones, lol.

Your hatching egg series is adorable--and says so much about growing. Makes me smile!

Smiles, Karen

between the worlds said...

my dear- it seems that life does hit us hard sometimes- and we are very lucky to have our art to keep us sane-
big hugs coming at you from the green mountains

Heather Robinson said...

Love your new pieces and they ARE as cute as can be. Sorry to hear about all of your chaos and confusion. Glad that you find solace in your art. I awake to the piece that I purchased from you each and every day and in the late afternoon the sun catches all of the glow of it. Can you tell I adore it? Hang in there, my friend!

Jane said...

Whooo HOOOO! I am so happy to read that you are trying shows, magazines and festivals! I love your new birdie canvas! Fly away chaos! Begone!

By the way, I am a little bit into feng shui and there are two things along those lines that you can do to "air out" the house after chaos comes over, 1. burn a bit of sage to clear the air and 2. wash the door handles with rubbing alcohol. Like I said, I am only a bit into feng shui, but it's the symbolism of cleaning out the bad energy and welcoming in the good energy that I appreciate. If a little rubbing alcohol makes me feel like I have washed of the residue of chaos, then symbolically it's worth the effort.

I have had terrific success making some changes in my life using the book Move Your Stuff Change YOur Life. Ironically, I was even able to meet the author many years later and am a testimonial on one of her videos! The book is about the messages we communicate through the stuff around us. For example, I had a trunk full of old gifts and photos from ex boyfriends in my "love area" and also had lots of repeat relationships and repeated bad patterns...hmmm. Once I cleaned that all out, I started attracting nicer guys and eventually, Cliff.

This is your year!

Vallen said...

Tough one - been there. I wish there was a tried and true cure but for now art seems like a good one. Hang in, sweet lady, and stay your ground.

Paula said...

My sister just sent me an email about how delicious a cake is, but if you were to eat the ingrediants seperatly you would just say YUCK! The jist is that all the wrong things in our lives eventually come together to make a wonderful right. So this maybe is just the latest wrong on your road to right. Hope that made a little bit of sense.
I love your hatching eggs set! Very cool~

laura said...

I agree with's white sage time...maybe some rose quartz and sodalite for self-love and speaking your own truth...nevermind someone else's lies.

Goof for you for preparing to submit are just growing and growing your art life! I like reading about it.

Dinah said...

I'm just so very happy for you that you've got such a strong and wise head on your shoulders. I have a feeling that this IS your year girl and no "boomerang" is going to mess it up for you. Your art has changed and grown and blossomed so much, meaning that you have too. You're on your way and nary a boomerang in sight.