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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sweet HeARTs by Sweet Repeats

One nice thing about blogging, just when you don't think you've accomplished enough, you start taking pictures and next thing you realize how far you've really come.
Right about now, I have no less than probably 8 projects going (that are on my craft table), and another 10 or so that are stashed away for a rainy day. More than likely, I'd feel better if I'd finish some of these works in progress. The hard thing about painting and layering though, is waiting for things to dry and set before going on to the next layer. The answer to this? Start another project and that's where the trouble begins!

4 projects in this picture. Two backgrounds that will become the base for my mini collaged hearts to the left (pink and blue), then my home I'm "building"--I think I'm going to call it "The Love Shack" LOL. I'm going to use some of my mini hearts for windows. That's as far as I've gotten the planning stage for this house. Aren't you supposed to have a blueprint before you build a home?? To the right, you'll see my new book--basically it's an old book. I think the copy right says 1963. I've been practicing drawing lips and eyes which are my down fall when drawing the human figure. If I'm being truthful, drawing the human figure really escapes me all together, not just the eyes and lips. I figured I'd take a cue from another blog
who is "unschooling" herself in the field of painting and art. I'm a student at heart. If it weren't for the money issue, I'd probably never have left school. I'd still be taking classes in a wide array of subjects to this day if only I could!

I finished another batch of mini hearts last night. Some are going to become magnets, and others are going on the two backgrounds I have going. I perhaps have found a new obsession!!!

Whatever it is that I have found, I hope that 2008 proves to be another year in which I progress on this journey. I think I'm really going to focus in a few areas in order to hone my skills and to work in groups of the same topic. When I look at other peoples work, there always seems to be a common thread where you can identify that artist just by looking at the work. I am lacking that. My stuff seems to be slightly all over the place. Maybe that's not unusual when you are learning new techniques and playing with new 'art toys', but I do feel I need to reel it in a little bit and find my 'muse'.

I'm surprised at how much I accomplished this week art wise. Work has been pretty chaotic lately. One of my employees who backs me up has been on vacation, I've been working on digesting all my material for my training mission I'm going on this coming week for 10 days, working 3 nights this week to finish up projects that were due and I'm still not caught up. I have tons of customers I need to touch base with, and then to top it off, I was picked to be a mentor for new manager just hired (which I am very excited about doing....I love mentoring)--the down side was since I'm going away for the merger next week, I had to slam in my mentor certification training in last week, too. In between everything there's been DS basketball games to go to, personal appointments, cleaning the house, getting ready for my trip---yikes. I've turned to drinking WAYYYY too much caffeine. I think I need to reel that habit in as well. I have high blood pressure so caffeine is not good for it--I can tell I've been a bad girl because I've been getting terrible headaches. The other day I was driving home with DS and thought my head was going to explode. My little man said to me---Momma, don't cry, don't think about it and it will go away. ....((((awwww--my answer to him when he's hurt--don't think about it and it will feel better before you know it)))). He tries to be so grown up!

Perhaps I've done more this week because I've needed to wind down more than usual?
Here's the beginning of what will be the background for my hearts. You can see the several layers already that are coming to life.

Although I didn't complete these this week--I finally got around to take pictures of more mini clipboards (about 1/2 the size of regular clipboards). I'm definitely putting these in the shop soon.





I think I like this one best, although they all are super cute!

Last but not least--I've made an effort to start reorganizing my creative space. Proof is in the puddin'. No mind you, this is about 1/50th of what I have...LOL...but ya gotta start somewhere!

Tomorrow I'm going to haul butt and clean up this popsicle stand. I have no choice, I have packing to do, organizing, studying, more organizing, more cleaning, and I took on someone's taxes to do as well. I HOPE I have time to finish at least one of the heart pieces and time to relax a bit. Oh crap. Forgot it's the Super Bowl tomorrow as well! Well, I guess it all needs to be done by 6 pm. It's not like I'm having a party or anything, but I feel like it would be sacrilegious if I didn't make some snack foods and put the game on.
So much to little time. I better relax tonight because I don't think it's happening tomorrow!

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Heidi said...

Actually I do see a "look" in your work. It's hard to explain but I recognize it when I see your stuff.

love the hearts

Vallen said...

Oh my gosh - you do so much, I can't even imagine being able to get all that done. I love the backgrounds I can see that they are a way to destress. They are amazing.

Melinda Cornish said...

i love your hearts and your blog and your ramblings! We have a lot in common, I will tell you...! I will be back, I am sure.....Melinda

Heather Robinson said...

Wow, wow, wow! You have been doing some amazing artwork. I just loved scrolling through it all. Thank you for always leaving such sweet messages on my blog.

wyndesnow said...

I am so glad that you posted on my blog. I love seeing your work!!! I especially love the little hearts!!!

Rebecca said...

I love your Sweet Hearts! I need some magnets!

Oh and I think my favorite is that turquoise clipboard, I LOVE the colors. I use the clipboard you made me to hold my grocery list in the kitchen. :)

Now if I could just bring myself to write in the journal you made me! I don't want to mess it up LOL.