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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sweet Goodness Swap News and Etsy Updates

First off--Check out the NEW Sweet Goodness Swap going on over on the Goodness girls swap blog!! We are ripping and ready to go for 2008 with variety of creative swaps planned for this year, one or more for every season (but the details are hush hush, you'll just have to stick around for each swap to find out what we have in store for this New Year)! Rebecca included a few links to subscribe to our blog so you can be among the first to know of our new swaps, so sign up now--hurry this one is going quick but open to new participants!!

Speaking of swaps, my dear swap Sister Jane A. has reported on her Father's accident and the good news is he is on the mend after a horrific scare of a broken neck. Please stop over her blog to wish her well as well as wish her a Belated Happy Birthday!! Jane's birthday was December 28 :) I'll report on my package I am sending to Jane this week as we held off sending because of all the chaos that has happened at her house, and with her daughter home for college keeping her busy-- and then with me getting sick during Christmas we postponed our send off till after the first.

Here's a look at some new items in my Etsy shop--Elegant Distressed Embossed tags that are made to mimic a copper/metal like look. These are very cool and each tag is definitely one of a kind.

They are rather labor intensive so I really should be charging more for the sets but I'm hoping to get some exposure to my shop with some low ball impulse items so to sell some more of my paintings.

Created on blank tags, I tea stained them overnight, dried and then distressed with Tim Holz distressing stamps, let dry again then painted with my own recipe of metallic pearl ex powder and gloss medium, added a background layer of stamps with acrylic paint, and then embossed each tag.

The final step was to find some inspirational words to add on to each of the tags and hang a ribbon or raffia on each.

They really would make great additions to that unique and special gift you may be giving year round. Or, you could use as a book mark, recipe marker or just hang on a set for a dose of your daily inspiration!

Over the next couple of months I'm going to be a artsy fartsy Mama, as Nancy and I are really going to do the Spring Fest. My organized partner has already gotten the application and we are in the midst of creating our partnered tent. I'm energized even thinking about it--but ask me come April 27th how I feel and whether or not we will do it again...LOL.

Other news--next month I was picked to be on a merger training team for my work so I will be heading to Deerfield, Fl for 10 days in February to work with a branch that we are acquiring and help with the our consolidation. I know...poor me. Having to go to Florida for work in February! I'm going to miss my kidlets though...I hope I can make it that long without being with the boys, but I'm excited to do something different for work to break up the monotony. I'm going to try to bring some of my art supplies so I can create while I'm down there but I'm not sure what I can bring on the plane. I'll have to do some research on that one. The bad news is, I will be w/o a computer for the whole time so no bloggidy blogging for me. :( I'm sure I'll live but it will be hard to be w/0 internet access. We can access the internet at work but not blogs, flickr, myspace, or any internet email. I can still get on Etsy though..LOL :)

I hope all 5 days of the New Year are starting out wonderfully for you. From the comments on my Stop, Start, Continue list, it looks like a lot of peeps out there are on a mission to although not "resolve" to do things differently, but to take baby steps towards goals and have an eye to the future for some things to tackle in the new year to make our lives that much better. I hope we all make progress on our goals, one thing for sure, it's one day at a time. I'm going to try not to bite off more than I can chew, but also spend less time making excuses and more time just "doing".

With that said, I need to go do something. :)



handmade mama said...

Love your blog, I'll have to link and keep stopping by!

Christy said...

Those tags are beautiful Lucy!

I've really got to get myself rolling on the crafting front. I have big plans, but have a hard time getting started. Thanks for the inspiration to get a move on!

Mizfixit said...

ROFL!!! I don't think anyone has ever described me as "organized" before! heheheheheeee!

Looking forward to Spring Fest Fun with you! (May we survive it) :)

Leigh Ann said...

Love your stop start list. Genius, it is.

FL sounds lovely right about now.

So excited for the swapping new year.

Cheers! LA

Paula said...

A trip to Florida in February sounds good, as long as you squeeze in some art and play so it's not all work! Good job on the copper tags. Very cool!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful tags! They do sound extremely labor intensive!!!

Florida sounds like fun - I'm sure you'll be missing the boys soon after your trip starts but you'll probably come back "refreshed".

By the way I tagged you. Check out my blog.

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous tags, L! And I can't believe you're doing a fair! I'm so excited for you! Maybe I'll have to come hmmm . . . .

And Deerfield? How random. When I lived in Ft. Lauderdale we used to drive up to Deerfield Beach because you could build fires on the beach among the rocks. Not sure you can still do that but as a young college girl it was quite the place to be at the time. ;)