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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The World Is Round

I had thought my next post would be of our holiday pictures but I just didn't have the strength to go through all 140 of them tonight to pick out the best of the best. Maybe tomorrow. The holidays last week were extremely wonderful, peaceful, and happy. I was sick though. I struggled to make everything come together as a Mother does to ensure her children have a good Christmas and everyone is happy.
Christmas Eve we had a great get together with an abundance of appetizers and snacks, a few drinky drinks for the adults and then the next day an even bigger spread for dinner---it is obvious what one of my resolutions needs to be even more so than the week before. Diet. oh my..let's not even go there. I declared no pictures of me were to be taken as I got a preview of a few thanks to digital play back and quickly hit the erase button. Years from now, the kiddies will be wondering if Momma was even at Christmas 2007! But it all was soooo good!

Back to work on the 26th and both boys in Myrtle Beach for the week, the house is strangely quiet. Still looks like a cyclone hit it but odd to have so much commotion, then nothing. Quiet. Our get together this year was much like it used to be several years ago. Our dysfunctional family with my 2 ex's who get along and actually like each other all celebrating once again for the children's sake. We all have forged a friendship that may be hard for some to understand but it works for us, especially since none of us has any family around here for hundreds of miles so we have become a family, an unusual one, but a family nonetheless. When I was going with What's His Face, that couldn't happen because he would have none of it and the holidays were always full of shuffling, tension and more than not, chaos. Not this year. Everyone got alone, peace was in the air (except for several phone calls to disturb my peace from what's his face), and life is getting back to normal for the kids after a 4 year break. New beginnings.

New beginnings, and hope is what this latest collage is about. Life slows down in the winter, we gather and conserve our strength, but yet as life cycles around, there is hope for spring time and new beginnings in the air. "The world is round and the place which seems like the end, may only be the beginning." Believe and Receive.
She is actually going to one of my blog readers---I've never been good at keeping at least I won't say who it is until she receives it but since I haven't been too crafty and I spent the majority of the day finishing this piece (I still need to do the back and let it dry), I figured I'd share my one crafty thing from the past two weeks. I spent the majority of the day cleaning and crafting, going back and forth between the two and relaxing while it's still quiet here. I've also tried to do some reflecting back on this year this last couple of days and am looking forward to the longer days and hope of new beginnings that this Spring brings with her. The what if's have been killing me lately and bringing me down so I need to focus less on the what I don't have and can't do's and start focusing on what I can do and take action on the rest. You have to put one foot in front of the other to move forward---believe and receive. I still have some winter left to conserve my strength so I may have a fruitful spring. I'm glad the holidays this year are ending on a good note. That gives me hope for a new beginning.


Christy said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful, peaceful holiday with your family. You totally deserve it!

The collage is beautiful! The person you're sending it to will love it, I'm sure. :)

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy New Year to you all! The birdie is sweet. :-)

linda t said...

Mmm... believe and recieve... I really like that Lucy.
Thanks for sharing.

jar said...

The bird is cute. I like the colors. Thought of you this morning when I pulled the Michael's circular out of the paper. Yes, I went there. Got some really nice ink pens to use on stamps (used a coupon). And some papers. Need to try to stay away from there but the word SALE on an ad always draws me. Sigh.

Heather Robinson said...

This is such a lovely collage and I love the meaning surrounding it. Good for you for getting together with both exes and making it work. It doesn't matter that it isn't what everyone would call "normal". Lovely to have gotten to know you and your art this year. Can't wait to see what you create in 2008....moving forward!!

Breanna said...

Happy New Year! I's so glad your holiday was peaceful.

Your collage is absolutely gorgeous.

AnastasiaC said...

New beginnings are good - Happy New year to you
hope this year is fabulous for have a good positive outlook!

Jane said...

Happy New Year! I love this collage! I have a cold too. Seems every blog I go to is reporting a cough! Hope you feel better soon.