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Monday, December 17, 2007

They All Were Part of "It"

Wow :)
Thank you everyone for the sweet Birthday wishes! I was definitely feelin' the love!
The celebration continued this weekend when some friends gave me a impromptu surprise party/dinner out. Thank goodness my friend Linda gave me a tip on oh maybe I should clean the house Saturday.
Our conversation went like this Friday night:
Linda: So what are you doing tomorrow during the day?
Lucy: Well, I'm going to get up early, go shopping before Josh comes home, finish my gift craft projects, clean the house, then get ready to go out to dinner.
Linda: Well that's good--yeah, if I was you, I might start cleaning the house for Christmas, relax a little, then oh--about 3:00 get in the shower. You might want to pick out something nice to wear since you never get out. Don't wear sweatpants. You might not want to put your hair up in a pony tail--just take your time, get dressed, tidy up the house and we will go out to eat after I get out of work.
Lucy: I wouldn't wear sweatpants out anyway! Ya, I do need to get my craft crap out of the dining room again. I'm working on some projects tonight ((((I stayed up to 4am working on things btw, truth be told)))), but I need to have them done tomorrow and after that I'm putting the stuff up again.
Linda: Good. Okay, so we have a plan. Make sure you don't eat anything late in the day.
Lucy: How late?
Linda: I get out of work about 5:30 so by the time I get there it will be about 7:00 or so.
Lucy: Sounds like a plan.

Cut to Saturday morning.

I stayed up sooooooooo late Friday night with lil man gone, I did the crafting, laundry, painting, Christmas inventory, and did a little online shopping late into the evening all jazzed up by hi-test coffee. My heart was racing, I'm surprised I didn't have a dang heart attack with all the caffeine I had. Needless to say, I didn't get out shopping for the early morning doorbusters at Belks. Heck I didn't even wake up until Josh came home from his Dad's. I flew out of the bed when the dog started going nutzo when they started knocking at the door. And I felt like a freight train hit me. I did get a lot done Friday night/Saturday morning but I felt like dog crap all day. I was useless.

Josh's Dad: Did you just get up?
Lucy: What time is it ? FREEAAAKING OUT!!
Josh's Dad: 12:00.
Lucy: SHUT UP!! Holy crap it is NOT!
Josh---ahahahahahaha got ya!
Josh's Dad: So what are you doing today?
Lucy: Why does everyone want to know what I'm doing today?
Why? What's going on?
Josh's Dad: Nothing.
Josh: ((((smirking..)))) Nothing MOM!
Lucy: A little shopping, cleaning up this craft crap, pick up the house, then Linda, Josh and I are going somewhere for dinner tonight.
Josh's Dad: Good- I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to do something stupid like go to the movies.
Lucy: Huh? Why are the movies stupid? I like going to the movies.
Josh's Dad: Well, you've been a little depressed lately and you need to get out of the house. I'm glad Linda and you are going out for dinner...that's okay then.
Josh: Dad is Linda a part of it?
Lucy: A part of what?
Josh's Dad: we just want to get you out of the house and do something.
Lucy: Well, I've been broke so I haven't been able to do anything.
Josh's Dad: Well, it's your birthday you need to at least go out for dinner.
Lucy: What's up with you and Linda? She want's me to NOT wear sweatpants or put my hair up and you want me to get out of the house a bit. I must be pathetic!

Cut to the afternoon.

I burn out about 3:30. Staying up allnight just about killed me but I was getting suspicious about the hints about looking good and getting the house cleaned up so I power cleaned the perimeter--got the craft crap put up once again (yep it's back out again as of Sunday morning), took a power nap and then showered.
Josh: Mom, where you going? You look good!
Lucy: We're going out for dinner with Aunt Linda. Where should we go?
Josh: Oh we can't pick! We just have to wait. Can I call Dad?
Lucy: For what?
Josh: Just cuz.
Lucy: Okay--dial away.
....he goes in the other room and comes back out with a smirk on his face.
I know for sure something is up but he's not giving it up other than the fact that "I think Linda's a part of it". hmmmm

After sprucing the old bones up, I started writing out my Christmas cards and then decided to check on the hair again when all of a sudden--Josh is running to the door---
They're here!!!!! Mom, Mom, it's a surprise!!!!

Low and behold, Linda, Jim (Zack's Dad), Zack, other friends of ours from Myrtle Beach-Nanette and PJ, and their son all traveled three hours to take me out to dinner and have a little get together!
Wow-I was (kinda) surprised!!! I really had no idea they all were going to do that. They said I always travel down there for everyone's birthday and the their kids birthday but no one ever comes here for my birthday so they decided to bring the party to me! Out to a nice restuarant we went in the pouring rain (sooooo glad I straightened my hair in my effort to look nice), and enjoyed some good laughs and company.

Glad I had the hint about cleaning the house because if had all my sh*t everywhere (paint, papers, water cans, glue, and misc junk all out in the diningroom) I would have been highly embarassed!

So that was my surprise :P Looks like everyone was "a part of it", even lil man. He is a good secret keeper :)

Picture above is a sketch of a new card I'm going to make soon. I am trying to come up with some characters for paintings and cards to make. Love the Sweet Indulgence my birthday girl is about to dive into!

Thank goodness this is my vacation eve--one more 1/2 day of work and I'm off for about a week. PHEW. I need a break! Besides the fact there's a ton still to do, I am at the point where the littlest thing at work is starting to annoy me. I haven't been off for a week since Mom's wedding so it's about due! YAHOOO. (not that I don't love my peeps, it's just that Momma needs some time away...LOL).


I hope to update the Swap blog soon and send out a reminder email--I did however create a flickr pool for our last installment of our Sister Swap:
You can join it HERE
Speaking of Sister Swappers--please say a prayer for my "Sister" Jane--her and I are putting off our swap till the first of the year as her father has had a dreadful accident last week and had surgery today for his injury. She's been in the hospital with him all week non stop. It's very very very serious, so please keep her family in your prayers.
hugs Jane--xoxo, I am thinking of you.
If anyone is having issues or needs to get ahold of me for the swap-please contact my home email:
johl3 at windstream dot net

or leave a comment on Rebecca's blog.

With the holidays we both will be in and out of town so our regular emails will be answered quicker. :)

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