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Thursday, December 13, 2007

29 and Still Going! errr I mean 39 sorry Typo

Born on Friday the 13th, December of 1968--I'm pretty sure it wasn't 80 degrees way back when this chick arrived, but here I am in NC on the anniversary of my birth sweating and wondering where the heck my sun screen is! Even for North Carolina, it's hot for December. But "they" say it's going to get cooler soon. Like tomorrow. Good. So now for my Birthday WEEK celebration, betchya wondering what I've been doing and what pressies came my way, right? Last month, Mom sent my birthday/Christmas present which was the ultimate--a brand new fancy camera which I've been loving and getting to know over the last few weeks. Then, out of the blue she sends a card and said that she couldn't just send an empty card..LOL...and it couldn't just have a dollar in it because of inflation, ya know, so the boys and I did a nice lunch out on Mom on Saturday. After lunch, a little Christmas shopping, we went to the first ever Christmas parade in the little town I live in. It was also Josh's first parade. EVER. I couldn't believe it, I mean I should have known he had never been to a parade before but I just never thought of it. That means I haven't been to one in over 7 years either! Wow. ....old building in the downtown area...I liked symmetry of the windows, columns and thingamabobs on top....

Bad Momma..doesn't take her boys to parades :(

We enjoyed the floats, cars, sirens, and horses and cheap candy tossed to us immensely.
A Christmas parade in the 80 heat just doesn't seem right though, does it???

What's a Christmas parade without Santa paying the kiddies a visit??

This picture reminded me of myself....I spent many many years marching with my flute with the band in every parade you could think of. Maybe that's why I hadn't bothered going to any in my adult years?? I had overkill as a child? LOL
I was actually a very good flute player way back when, did you know that about me??

Sunday, I decided that we should just start celebrating my big day since my oldest son would be back with his Dad after Sunday night so we went and bought a cake, Momma made chicken soup and we had a good ole homestyle birthday dinner and dessert. Chicken soup. 80 degree weather. December. Just doesn't seem right, does it??

As for my other pressies--I was spoiled! "Josh" gave me a sodering gun kit, and a heat tool kit from Michael's. I can't wait to start playing with those toys, I am going to be one creating makin' Momma!
My friend Linda gave me an awesome 3 piece luggage set--I guess she wants her suitcase back that I borrowed last year....LOL...that was my hint ;) The girls at work decided to feed my craft addiction a bit more and gave me a card to Michael's and some organizational bins for my crafty goods (very much needed!!). And my dear friend Mizfixit, whom I also work with, designed and made me some beautiful business cards!!!!! whooo hoooo!! She lovingly pirated a painting of mine and used it as a background on my card as a complete surprise! Thank you!!
My oldest son said my gift was in the mail, and I don't know why I thought of this, I said to him that it better not be a male stripper....LOL...MAIL Mom, not MALE!! Okay, I'm trusting ya on this one. :)

It's been a really nice birthday week--thank you all that also emailed me your wishes--It's made me feel like a Queen to know so many care.

Okay--now off to work on a project I've procrastinated the last hour while sizing the pictures and posting. That sums up my days lately--full of procrastination. Maybe this weekend I'll get to my baked goods and finish my handmade gifts I've been working pressure here though...take your time...NOT!!

Have a good rest of the week!


Heidi said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Sweet Lucy! I'm glad to hear it has been a good week.

I don't envy your 80 degree weather, even though it has been snowing here!

Paula said...

Happy happy birthday. I'm behind on your birthday wishes, but behind on everything right now. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, even with that December heat. I keep thinking of that poor Santa in your pictures. He must have been roasting!! Get that man a coke~

Sarah and Jack said...

Hapde burfday to you!

linda t said...

WOW, we both have birthdays on December 13th!!!

I have always felt a sweet connection to you Lucy... and now I find out we share the same birthday!!
Hope you have a great day and a great month Lucy!
You are a doll!

jar said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you had wonderful times.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday! Cheers for another year of creativity!

Felicia said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all :)

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Sorry I'm late. I had it in my head that your birthday was on the 19th. I thought I was doing so well on catching up. Oh well. :} Sounds like you've had a wonderful birthday week.

Heidi said...

Your own business cards? How sweet of her. Glad you had a happy birthday.

Rebecca said...

The parade looks like fun! New York City will throw a parade to celebrate Wednesday for the love of pete so I've seen (walked into) enough parades for the both of us. :)

Happy birthdya my dear dear friend.