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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Experimenting with Altered Magnets

Here's a glimpse at a project I'm working on for
my etsy shop as well as a spring craft show
I hope to do. These are altered bottle cap
magnets. Or they will be once I have the magnets
attached. Although the picture turned out a little
unclear, the wording is pretty clear under the varnish.
Some have a sprinkling of glitter to add that extra bling bling.
From top to bottom, the wording is "Wisdom, Acceptance,
Soul and Gratitude". I've got about 15 more done and ordered
about 40 more supplies to create additional products.
What do you think? I'm trying to create a few lower priced
items for my shop and for the spring craft show and I thought
these would be cute impulse items :)

Today is my first 1/2 day of vacation...YIPPPEE....tonight is
our manager/sales person dinner up in Raleigh so off to that
she'll go, then in the morning we have an award breakfast at
work I'm going to go back for as it's a big service award our
branch acheived for the 4th time this year and some big wigs
are coming down to present the trophy to us. But really, after
that I'm on vacation. Oh. Wait....Thursday morning is our work
holiday breakfast. Then after that, I'm really on vacation. Really.

Hope your week is artfully good :)

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Breanna said...

The magnets look great! I thinks it's a good idea to have a few lower priced goodies for impulse buys. I loved reading your surprise party story. Sounds like a very special evening!

Paula said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday ~ the surprise (kind of) party sounds like a blast!
Your magnets are wonderful. They should sell really quick, especially at a show I think. Have fun making them and Merry Christmas to you and your boys!

Christy said...

I love these! Very cute! I haven't talked to you in forever. Hope everything is going good!

Jane said...

Those are cute! I like the positive messages. Something we should all see now and then when we put the milk away!

Rebecca said...

These are gorgeous! Let me know when they are in the shop. I love magnets. :)

Oh and can I come over and help you drink the beer to get those bottle caps? That's what you meant by "ordered more supplies" isn't it?