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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Monday After

So much to be thankful for, not sure where to begin.
A houseful of family (WOW...7 to 10 of us at any given time over the last 5 days).
A wonderful feast of good food (an obscene amount of food I must admit).
Good health (for the most part, although we did have a trip to the emergency room on Thanksgiving night, all is well now though thankfully).
Laughter (everyone has such different personalities that you just have to laugh at their quirks and sayings).
Friends near and far (including my blog friends and TOH BB friends that I have met over the last 2 years).
Wonderful Sons (first two pictures in my collage, Josh and Zack).
Ghost Whisperer (our marathon television event on Friday night...gotta luv the DVR).
Nieces who like to cook AND peel potatoes ( 5th picture in the collage)
Sisters that travel over the mountains and through the woods (literally) to be with you (her and I are featured next to the green beans...LOL).
Easy recipes (see green beans, butter, honey, salt, pepper, and dried cranberries)

Yard sale finds (check out my HUGE piece of green embroidered fabric I bought this summer for a mere 2 dollars on my "Thanksgiving table"in the 2nd to last picture) I know that fabric has to be at least 30 or 40 dollars a yard it's so heavy and tightly woven.
Cousins that get along during the holidays (the kids hardly ever see each other so it's great that they took to each other so quickly).
X's that actually get a long and help out when you need them and can be friends despite our challenges we have faced (Zack's Dad in the background of the 2nd to the last picture)
Did I mention Nieces that make killer Taco dip?? Lizzie's dish was the hit of the party!! (she's in a lot of shots, but solo featured in the 8th pic)
Thankful that I no longer work in retail and can actually enjoy the holidays and NOT have to mess with Black Friday chaos.. WHOOOHOOO

Not featured in the photo's is my oldest niece, Bianca, as she was sick, really sick during the first three days when I took the majority of pics and so she was inadvertently left out because she spent a lot of time sleeping and getting better. A trip to the emergency room on Thanksgiving night (had a form of strep throat) and some antibiotics and steroid prescription later, she is thankfully on the mend.

As you can see, we had sooo much going on in this little house, and so much to be thankful for, it's hard to put into words how meaningful it was to me to have my Sister and family for Thanksgiving. Now that's a Sister Day! ;) Although we didn't have a craft night per say, there were some inspirational drawing completed by the kidlets, the teens, and me. I also recruited my Sister and Lizzie to help me cut some magazine clips for future projects.
What are families for anyway? :) The only real bad thing that happened was my X lost his wallet (or had it stolen) with close to 500 dollars in it and of course debit cards and license the night before Thanksgiving--which put a damper in the day for him... he couldn't do the after TG shopping which is why he had so much on him . We had hope some good samiratan would return it as he thought it might have been left in a shopping cart in the parking of Cosco or left it on the hood of the truck driving--but no such luck. There's also a chance someone could have stolen at another point in the evening before he came here but--no one's turned it in or admitted to it yet. I guess the holiday spirit didn't hit the individual that surely "found" the wallet. Perhaps they needed it more than he did??

As quickly as all the festivities began, here we are, the Monday after Thanksgiving and the house it's sadly quiet again, except for the purr of Dancing with The Stars in the
I hope it's not another 8 years before my Sis and crew take a trip down here!
Now--to get ready for Christmas and to actually start a few projects for the holidays as well as work on my last Sister Swap package. I think one lesson I've learned lately, savor the moment though--those moments go by far too quickly.

Have a great week friends those I know and those I have yet to meet....


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(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Your so sweet! Thank you! Looks like u are supoer busy too, and what great pics! Enjoy your new camera, you can really tell the difference with your photos!

Heidi said...

Oh, I can tell from your photos that you all had such a great time! So glad that everything went well, ER visit & lost wallet notwithstanding. LOL

linda t said...

Love the new look Lucy! Great banner... or header... whatever... looks so artsy.
You're an awesome artist Lucy! Love seeing how you have evolved over these past several months. Thanks for sharing with us! So proud of you! Inspires me to step outside my comfort zone.
Thanks Lucy girl!

Paula said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Lizzie looks like you! Seems like somebody always gets sick for the festivities. Poor girl, hope she's feeling better now...

Breanna said...

So glad your holiday was filled with lots of goodness. Those green beans sound yummy! Good luck with your Christmas preparations. My goal is to get things done early, but I am the queen of procrastination.