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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Open Air Window Shopping

It was the Cameron Antique Show time again last Saturday, and it actually barely rained. Amazing. Last two shows (or more, that's as long as my memory can recall) it's rained like clock work.
We looked and looked and looked and bought....
Kettle Corn.
That's it.
Sigh..... I must be on thrift overload. No--it's a combination of things.I'm trying to be (forced to be) on a tight budget, but in addition, I'm trying to limit my purchases to keep the house under control. When you are by yourself and responsible for not only the financial upkeep of everything but the physical cleaning and organizational part of your nest---too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. It's overwhelming. That's how I've felt lately--overwhelmed to say the least. Ahhhhhh but window shopping, that does fit into the budget, so that's what we did at the antique show and then later in the day at the Southern Pines Fall arts and crafts festival.
Collage of the day.

Over priced pyrex come on people, its' dishes sheeesh...get over it already! ((((she says in her own meek effort to drive down the prices so she can accumulate some more before all the collectors eat the pieces up))))

So much to do, so much to see--vendors everywhere they be.

Love the Victorian homes in Cameron. Wouldn't you like to prop a chair up on the balcony with a comfy blankie, a good book and a nice cupppa whatever it is that floats your boat?
Not just antiques but country collectibles, flowers, harvest decorations and all sorts of eye candy to be found.

The warmth and comfort of autumn, I can smell the scent of pumpkin and apple, cinnamon and spices, savory squash and sweet and sinful pies right now.....

Later in the day we trekked closer to home in Southern Pines, NC---this is a view from the historic train station that divides Broad Street (where I work) into two one way roads . Lil Man strikes a pose. I love the depth this picture captures of the train tracks heading anywhere--the possibilities are endless for your adventures and journeys....

I mistakingly thought the craft show was up and down the streets of Broad--but it wasn't. That I guess is only in the spring. I met up with my friend and coworker, "Mizfixit" for a partially fun, partially "work" adventure. She and I are contemplating participating in the Spring craft festival so we were "investigating" the vendors displays, prices, and assortment of items. We may split a booth even though our "specialties" are on different ends of the spectrums. Check out Nancy's thrifted lotus bowl from our last trip to the Cameron Antique show in the Spring.....she turned it into a wonderful floral arrangement.
Anywhoo---we both were a little disappointed in the festival. Not a lot of people buying (including us)....and not a whole lot that really struck our fancy...too much of the same. We did see a few booths of jewelry that were cool....and even more (soooooo many jewelry booths) that it was just a little overwhelming. I guess my biggest question, is it worth it?? A craft show has got to be a lot of work, what if I don't sell anything?
after speaking with my new friend Jean today, we discussed the same topic for a few minutes---while the craft shows are alot of work, you just never know when those custom orders may come from customers that take your card, whole sale accounts, sometimes it's not about the initial sale, it's about building the foundation for the future. And that's a good thing.
Things to think about :)
Just a reminder, all you Sweet Goodness Sisters out there----October 2oth is the send out date for your October Sweet Halloween Treat Swap--I will have a flickr page up tomorrow so we can start sharing our Spooky Stuff!! Speaking of which, today I'm making something Spooktacular for my Sister Jane--hope it doesn't scare her when she receives it ;)
Have a great weekend!


Paula said...

Even with overpriced items, too much stuff at home and no dollars in the old wallet, it still looked like a really fun day. Love that old white house. I always think about all the people that have sat on that porch over the years. Very cool.
As for the craft shows, I've participated in two ~ made really good money at one and bunk at the other. They are alot of work but can be alot of fun too...
I hope things smooth out for you soon, my friend, no fun to be in a funk.
Hugs to you!

Rebecca said...

So do tell how much they wanted for that Pyrex LOL. I have had the some thoughts about craft shows myself!

Christy said...

Even though things were overpriced, still looks like some fun things to look at. I love shows like this.