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Monday, August 13, 2007



So here I was, Saturday night, my now official craft night putting together my latest work titled "Temptation", can you think of any better way to spend a Saturday night??? I think not. Okay maybe there are one or two things more enjoyable than splattering paint all over your arms, tables and peeling layers upon layers of modge podge off of your fingers, but for now, I'm enjoying my little routine.
On this piece I layered, dictionary pages, music, papers and then topped a portion with sewing patterns. Hey if I'm not going to sew anytime soon, I might as well use some of the patterns I found for 10 cents at a yard sale not to long ago, right?? Then there are stamps, other tissue paper, gesso, acrylics, and free hand writing.
"She didn't heed the warning, truth and justice shall now unravel".
How many times have I gone against the wind, the wisdom, and words of others and had to pay the price for my own self absorbed stubborness? Free will is our blessing and our curse.
What's most important is what we do with those learnings and how we move forward.
To answer Paula's question, I haven't officially began selling yet, but I have sold my first piece--purchased by one of my blog friends recently..YIPPPEEEE.. I'm waiting until I buy a new camera which should be at the end of this week and then I will start opening the "Sweet Repeats Studio Shoppe"
Speaking of cameras, anyone have a product suggestion for a 7.0 mp camera in the 200 dollar range?? It doesn't have to be the cadillac of all cameras (obviously for the price) but it does need to take good indoor pictures!!
Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome!!


Jenn Maruska said...

I like that your work has so much thought behind it. That each piece has a story : )

Paula said...

Yeah! I think your shop is going to do really well. I'm on the hunt for a new camera myself after losing mine on the beach last week. GRRR! Let me know if what you find...

Christy said...

Nice..girl you are so talented! All of your paintings are so amazing.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Sounds like a mighty fine Saturday night to me! I love all the different layers you put together for this! Yay, you're on a roll!

Mizfixit said...

YIPPEEEEEEEEEE is right!!! Your collages are so vibrant that I'm sure you'll sell a bunch! Can't wait to see the Studio Shoppe :)

Jane said...

I love how your art evolves! Just love it!

Jean Knee said...

Hi Lucy just wanted to say I used your tutorial to get pics onto flikr. I was clueless. thanks for your help!

Jennifer said...

Your shop will do great! I love your artwork; glad to see more of it lately. I love the colors and it looks like you put of alot of yourself into; lots of emotion in your pieces.