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Monday, August 20, 2007

He's 7 going on 21! Happy Birthday, Josh

On this day at approximately 5 am, my lil Man, Josh was born--so please help yourself to some Icecream cake (from Coldstone Creamery....mmmm) and help me celebrate my son's 7th Birthday!!
My how you've grown! From 8lbs 7oz to a solid 65 lbs and counting, you definitely have grown up, Son!
Josh was always a very good baby, and child growing up. He has an even keeled temperant, curious but didn't get into everything, very sensitive and loves to make people laugh. His laugh is contagious, and his desire to make everyone happy is endearing. This last year he won several awards from his 1st grade class, Most Trustworthy, Most Responsible, Most Fair, (they give a lot of "character" awards), Perfect Attendence, and Most Tiger Stripes (given for collective behavior from the Principal and Teachers). I think that says a lot about him, because he really does shine in character. Now if I could get his career aspirations a little higher...we'd be good to go. I asked him the other day, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Hmmm, he thinks for a minute.
"I don't know, there's so much to choose from. Probably work at Sonic. That would be good, wouldn't it Mom? That would be fun." LOL....try again, Son. It would be okay while you are still in school, I tell him...but after that, you'd need something to earn a bit more money!

"What do I need money for? I'd get some from you when I get older for doing the lawn."
"So, You're going to live with Me when you get older?"
"Yep. Why would I move out?" he asks
"I wouldn't like living alone. I'd be scared."

"Being alone isn't that bad." I tell him.
"I'm alone when you go stay with your Dad, and it's not terrible."
"You're not scared?" he asks. "Even when a Tree Frog might come in the house?"
"Yeah, you have a point there....a Tree Frog might scare me. You're always right, Josh."

"I know."

To get a picture of him w/o making a face is impossible! Sigh... This is his bug eye birthday look!

He was truly spoiled this year. Two guitars, one electric and one Guitar Hero Playstation game. I might have a musician on my hands down the road. As long as no one gives him a drum set, I'll be all right!

This was the biggest hit, an electric motorcycle given to him by my good friend Linda to replace the gas one that was stolen this Spring. In no time he was doing tricks on it while I held my breath!
His Dad got him a gas powered motor bike called a Doodle bug which isn't a motorcycle but it has an engine, big wheels, and a wider seat...unfortunately they shop didn't prep it right so that is getting repaired already.
In addition to the electric guitar, my X, has Josh for the week and taking both boys to Busch Gardens in Va for 3 days for one last hurrah before schools starts next Monday.
Where did the summer go???
We had a great weekend, Josh had a wonderful birthday, and I am still trying to clean up after all the festivities! Thank goodness I had 2 days off to prepare for the party and get the kids school shopping done!

This weekend, I received a treat of my own....Jane A. a swap participant and new friend of mine sent me this adorable hostess gift with a few extra goodies that she knew I wanted from our chats. I love how she wrapped the items in vintage hankies and a calendar towel from 1973, tied so sweetly with rick rack and ribbon.

The package was full of fun things like an embossing heat gun, embossing poweders, stamp pad and pen, vintage decals, towel and hankie as well as an adorable hand stitched embroidered card, inside was a sweet book mark. Thank you, Jane!! I love all the goodies.
I can't wait to try my hand at embossing--I have never ever done it before but am looking forward to experimenting with my collages. In addition, Jane has given me some great advice about my paintings/collages that I hope to use her words of wisdom and keep plugging away at improving my skills. She is a former Art teacher so I value her opinion, and really value our new friendship :)
That's all for now folks! While my lil man is away this week, I hope to get more "work" completed and update my new blog with offerings as well as fill up my store with some artfully good goodies :)
Have a great week!


Jane said...

He is a cutie! Can't wait to see what you do with the embossing!

Sarah and Jack said...

Hapde Burfday Josh!

Christy said...

He's so cute! I hope he had a wonderful b-day! That cake looks yummy!

Heidi said...

What a sweetie pie Josh is. Hope his birthday was wonderful!

PS--that cake has me drooling! LOL

Jennifer said...

Happy 7th Birthday Josh. He sounds like a great boy. It was sweet of your friend to replace the motorcycle that was stolen - I remember how devastated he and you were when it happened.

Dinah said...

Happy 7th Birthday Josh!! You have a couple of handsome boys Lucy! I'm happy he got a new motorcycle too.

Breanna said...

Happy Birthday Josh! My seven year old has high career aspirations as well. If can't make it in the major leagues, he wants to work at Taco Bell.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday to Josh!! I love all the great gifts he got. I miss you guys, cant wait to come down and see you

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Awww! Happy Birthday!! Even though I'm way late... did you save some cake? heh heh... And those are rockin' guitars, dude! Let's jam!!
(I am addicted to Guitar Hero. Seriously, my kids have banned me from it)

Christy said...

Sorry it's late, but "Happy Birthday Josh"!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Josh!!!!

I love heat embossing, I use it in a lot of Christmas card making. Let me know how you like it. What a sweet gift from Jane!!

AnastasiaC said...

Happy birthday to your boy - hope he had a great day!!!