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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sweet Goodness Mail

Thursday and Friday were definitely great mail days for me, especially after a truly treacherous work week (Mizfixit you have been missed at the ranch!!)! My Sweet Goodness Swap package from Breanna arrived full of yellow and orange glory. I even had the restraint to photo everything BEFORE I unwrapped it. I'm learning patience in my old age. Usually I just tear into my goodies and think about taking a picture after the fact. (Remember Mom, I used to tear into the pressies when you hid them and then wrapped them back up....oh wait that was probably Sherry or Becky that did that...LOL)

Our challenge was to take a container (either made or bought) and embellish it in some way and keep within the yellow and orange swap theme. My partner came up with a truly original idea by making an apron to fit around and line a bucket. Is that not cool or what? She put a ton of pockets in it, all of which held wonderful goodies in each of them. I love the fact she included a bunch of brushes for me ( I so desperately needed them!). I already have the container proudly displayed on my craft shelf!

Please excuse the dark photo and the black mark on the candle, I have a mysterious spot on my lense I can't seem to get out or wipe off.

Anywhoo--take a peek at all my goodies, a lovely candle, some orange tea, cool beaded fringe, scrapbooking paper, several paint brushes, an adorable orange and cream ceramic iron (that is sooo cute), a huge assortment of vintage napkins (I want to use those on my Thanksgiving table setting) and glass napkin holders (Ive never seen ones like that before!), a human figure drawing stencil for my art, some sweet kitchen wash cloths, and one of my favorite gifts, a handcrafted necklace with 2 of me and my boys with wording on the backs....LOVE THIS. Oh and missing from the photo is a HUGE orange chocolate bar....because I tore into it right from the get go...LOL

Thank you, Breanna, I love everything and so enjoyed swapping with you and making a new friend along the way.

Here's another photo of my pendant. :)

Like I said, THURSDAY and Friday were great mail days for me--My other good mail came from non other than Miz Smoochie Lips. I was the fortunate winner of her Nest collage and let me tell you, the picture does not do this lovely justice. It's actually bigger than it appears to be in the photo, she collaged on chipboard or some other hard matte and wrapped on both sides, outlined in glass glitter (till now, I have never touched glass glitter or rather seen it used in person and I am sold on this stuff, it's gorgeous), used sweet game tiles and sealed in some sort of wonderful clear coating that makes the whole piece almost to appear in glass. It's simply gorgeous. In addition, she added a cool ATC and several little bits of papers and ephemera, and wrapped the whole package in wallpaper.

Thank you Miz S!! I love your package, too!


Saturday night has become my official craft night. Wild and crazy life I lead, don't I?? Well, I did craft with a wine spritzer so for those of you who think I never kick off my shoes, occasionally I do. I made two lovely altered clipboards which I will feature in my upcoming shop which I hope to have up and running sometime this week. It may not have a ton of items in it to begin with, but I am going to do it. That and list a few things on ebay. I bought a couple of high end boutique shirts (at greatly reduced prices) that just aren't me now that I tried them on so I am going to resell them. One of the shirts has a tag on it for 125 dollars I think and the other one just over 100.00 tag on it and I will start them off at 90% of of the orginal price. Huge deals.

I'll let you know when I get them up!!

I almost forgot to add a couple more pics of the items I sent Breanna along with the journal :)



Jenn Maruska said...

Oh - it looks like you did really well for the swap - both on the giving and receiving! Those yellows and oranges were so fun and cheerful, weren't they? : )

No shame in crafting on Saturday nights! I've done that myself a few times.... and enjoyed a nice glass of rose as well ; )


Heidi said...

I can't wait to see your shop. Do it! It's easy to set up.

Anonymous said...

Dang, girl! You must have a magical mailbox full of goodies!
So glad you liked your nest :)
Remind me to blog what I used as sealer because a few others have asked about it too.
Not that it's the best crap to use when the weathers damp, mind you....