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Monday, July 02, 2007

Sister Day

Well well well...long time no blog!
This is the longest I've gone without posting in a long while. I hope everyone's been good while this cat's been away! :)
This week has been a bit chaotic but fun. I've had to go to Charlotte for a work class which is an overnight trip for me, then I had the pleasure of having guests this weekend (which I rarely have people come and stay over so it definitely was fun for me)! My poor sister. I do believe I created a monster. A monster? How could I? I tease her that when I go on to meet my maker, she is taking over my family business which is my ebaying, thifting, and now artwork...LOL. So, this weekend, I had to get her in for a training session in all of the above. Well, not ebay because I haven't done that in awhile but I still have big plans to get moving in that direction again.
After meeting up with some other friends, her first night, we enjoyed a mexican feast out at one of our new local restaurants for for some authentic margarita's and tasty enchilada's. After much laughter and silliness-we piled back home, chatted it up a bit then gave them all a fair warning that we were going out sailing in the morning, then having craft night in the evening. Craft nite? Yep you heard me right, Saturday night is craft night in this house. LOL (that should tell you something about my life)
Back to me creating a monster. In a two car caravan, me leading the pack (or should have been leading for the most part), we forged our way through many many sales. The first couple, lil Sis tore it UP!! Hopefully my brother in law isn't reading--but honestly, she got some great deals. She about bought out this one lady on all these beautiful home decorations to the tune of about 25 dollars. This is garage sale money so you know she bought a lot!! Even her dear son Gabe was getting into the swing of things after finding a treasure at the first sale---it was enough to fuel his saling feaver for the rest of the trip. My boys--not so much. They are getting weary of our Saturday morning adventures. I'm even starting to question myself on how much more I really need. I have totally filled up this house since last summer. I had the best time showing my Sister, who helped me move in last August all the things I have bought, for how MUCH, and pulling out all the treasures I have found for a quarter here, a dollar there, to the point--I'm almost embarassed...LOL...embarassed?? Embarassed of what? I don't know...I guess because some things I really don't need, but find it hard to pass up a bargain, especially if I think it's more valuable and has resale potential. Right now though, I have a hard time giving up too much. I guess it's because I had to start over and didn't really have the money to do it--it's taken me a year (which isn't bad) to recover what I had lost. Now though---I think I need to stop for a bit. But--But--what if I miss out on that most perfect, most coveted treaure with my name written all over it?? I guess the world won't end, will it? Our sale adventures lasted from 8:30 to 12--then on to pizza, more shopping (for clothes for Mom's wedding) then back home to rest up for craft night and grillin' on the barbie.
Sherry reminded me of "Sister Day", where when we were younger, I'd take her out to lunch, go shopping, and we'd do something special, just her and I. I had forgotten about that. I guess it's a sign of my 6 elderly years on her. So I guess Saturday was Sister Day revisted. I had it in my head that I was going to teach her to do something artsy fartsy. I still had a few backgrounds painted, waiting to be collaged so I brought out two and had her pick out one that she liked. She chose the orange one in the photo below. Then I hauled out ALL my photo boxes carrying magazine cutouts, my other boxes of papers, my glue, and brushes, and we were off to the races. I gave her some guidance and then filled in some words for her (she picked out the words, I wrote them in), and together we glued and laughed and created. What better time is that? I wouldn't let her take her picture back with her till I had a chance to blog it, so here you are--my lil Sis's debut to the collage world--"Faith, Hope, Love"---I think it's pretty dang good for her first try. I'm going to put a hanger on it and give it to her this weekend when I make the trip up North for vacation. My collage is above, in the green. I still want to do a few more things to mine but this gives you a good idea on where I'm going with it.
We had a lovely visit but it ended too soon, it always does. Before you know it they were all gone and the house was quiet and pretty empty again. Sighhh.... and holy smoly people--it is JULY 2nd!! Where did this half of the year go? Time is just moving by faster and faster it seems. Maybe we (I) should stop wishing for Fridays as that probably contributes to time whirling away right before my eyes.

Speaking of time whirling away before my eyes---my oldest baby boy is now as tall as I am. My youngest is every so crafty--leading the marshmallow roasting pack creatively---we had nothing but the little baby marshmallows but he was deteremined to make it work--and that they did. The other child is my nephew gabe in the bottom left--my sister's oldest and quite the good road trip partner. He read the maps and guided her along up into the very end of the trip to my house when SHE took a wrong turn, much to Gabe's dismay--he told her so, but she took a right when he said left and then I had to save them out in East B___F! LOL. Sher--listen to your son, they are starting to know more than we do!!

It' s true folks. Our kids are finding there own and gaining their Independence. Quite fitting for the holiday we are about to celebrate. Each, in our own way, because of the fore fathers (and mothers) that walked before us. We too , can celebrate our Independence with pride and reflection not just about our country--but with reflection of our family and our own history.

Enjoy your holiday!!


Anonymous said...

This was a great weekend Jodi.. I truly enjoyed our time together yes it was short lived. To be continued. I miss you already!! Now you should not mention being embarassed about all your treasures because you have wonderful finds. I love all of them. Your home looks GREAT! Craft nite was so much fun. I truly enjoyed it. Also movie nite! Your crafts are so great. You are doing a great job. See you this weekend!
Love Sherry

Becky said...

Umm Sister Day??????? I feel neglected that I have yet to have a sisters day :(

I cant wait to see you and the boys this weekend.

Love and miss you, your other sister

Heidi said...

It sounds like you all had a ball! Garage saling makes yet another convert, LOL. What fun!

breanna said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend with your sister! My oldest boy refuses to go saling with me anymore. And when I make him come, he doesn't want to get out of the car. My daughter, on the other hand, could go all day! I have been cutting back though, I hit one or two sales a week if they are close. Gas prices are crazy, and I realized I just don't need all of that stuff. But I couldn't give it up altogether, the thrill of the hunt is just too enticing...

Jenn Maruska said...

I like how positive and pretty your collage work is. It's so colorful, pretty and full of life (probably ALOT like you!) : )

Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Ahhhhh... Sister Day! How cute! My girls have created their own sister day too as an excuse to get mom to buy each other presents. Lol. I think its sweet though.
Happy 4th!

Mizfixit said...

I'm glad you & your sister were able to enjoy some time together! And the collages turned out very well :)

Hope you had a great 4th of July with the sprouts!

Any luck finding those mirrors you were looking for? I wonder if AC Moore has them?