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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lots of Fun Stuff, even with the Price of Gas....

I don't know about you, but I love getting fun things in the mail. Oh sure, I do enjoy getting that ever anticipated electric bill, and the always fun phone bill...but REAL fun mail.....there ain't nothing like some good old fashioned gifts and anticipated purchases. This cute little mixed media pack came from ELLE, all packaged so sweet and professional, I hated to tear into it...but I did! Tons of fun things. Nothing like getting someone else's tossaways, after's new to me tossaways, which really means, it's new stuff. I think she has a few more packs left so hurry over to her shop to get ya some!
Let me see...what else was in the mail this weekend. OH....another pack of goodies from the Tag Swap 2007, hosted by Raesha, of MY LOVE. I just love the variety of the tags, each one was so creative and original. This was my first foray into the tag making arena, and let me tell you...I'm here to stay! I am going to make tags for every gift now come glitter or high iced tea water! There were a couple that had pockets of cuteness nestled inside, others stamped, collaged, and more.

The little flower stems on the first tag were sewn on. I have yet to sew on paper. Heck, I have yet to sew ANYTHING in months. But sewing on paper...hmmm....I'd like to try. In fact, I bought a book at a yard sale on paper quilting and it's really quite an interesting concept. Definitely on my list of to dos. Because I really don't have enough on my to dos at this point in time. (((SNICKER)))

Raesha was such a great hostess, even including a tag kit of her own for all the participants. I will put this ktit to good use, Raesha. :)

This little piece has been sitting around my "studio" ((((MORE SNICKERING))) for ohhhh, let's just say more than a few days, unfinished. I'm not sure if it was the rain or my guilty conscious, but something inspired me to finish it and a couple other little projects to add to my growing collection of items to sell. I just don't want to start an etsy shop or what have you until I have at least 10 or 15 things to feature. I keep giving away what I make so I need to get some headway underfoot in the inventory department soon. I have the growing receipts from Michael's to remind me to play, we need to pay. In order to pay...we need to work. My son asked me today who Bill was. Bill....I hate bill. Bill is my arch enemy I told him. He was all sorts of confused then I busted out laughing at my own silly joke. I guess I should stop talking about Bill....or the Bills, but it is a subject close to my heart. Especially with the gas prices....and the postal prices....don't get me started!

I've been meaning to make a couple of cute little recipe holders (this is a mini clipboard), so again, the rainy day today inspired me to use some of the papers I bought....and to incorporate...a TAG....whooo hooo...I will be out of control with these little easy peezy projects, I can see it now! I love the color combo of brown and might be getting a little worn now, but I still love it. It takes me a little time to catch on to trends anyway.

This is a bigger altered board that I made into a note (or card, trinket..what have you) holder. I have another couple items that I'm making in this color combo to feature in my upcoming debut. I like the idea of making several items of different sorts in a similiar color pallette. Not that I'll stick to it, but I like the idea.
This weekened was a good one to relax and enjoy close to home. DS and I visited with a friend, went out to dinner (DS's choice...and it wasn't McDonald's). Would you believe the little shishkabob ate a whole rack of ribs???? I thought I had another 4 good years left on the kiddie menu! Dang! Today I visited some more my most recent x' for a couple of hours. That's the sad part, when you leave someone, you also leave their family. Her and I got very close and that's hard not seeing her that often anymore. After our visit, DS and I went to see Pirate's of the Caribbean, which we really enjoyed....we enjoyed the movie but dang...the prices have really gone up!!!! On everything at the theater!!! 5.00 for a SMALL bag of popcorn??? 5. 75 for a MEDIUM??? 3.75 for a SMALL drink?? It cost us over 14.00 for popcorn and ONE drink between us! Our tickets were 8.75 and 6.75---crazy isn't it, and that was the 5:00 o'clock show. I like going to the movies but dang, it's definitely becoming a luxury activity we can only do once in a blue moon. I remember when a trip to the movies was a 1.00. LOL. Dang gas prices. It's effecting everything. Even the price of popcorn. What's this world coming to???
With that, I'll get off my soap box and call it a night. I hope everyone has a great week, make each day count.


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh Lucy! I got your package last week, thank you very much! (Sorry I didn't thank you sooner, we were off to the land of Oz.)

Christy said...

I just can't beat some good mail! No matter what it's fun!

Raesha D said...

Yeah - you like your goodies!:):) I love the recipe clip board - what a great idea! And I hear you about the movies...we go to the $1 a lot just so we have money for popcorn, cause there is nothing like a big hot tub of movie popcorn:)

Paula said...

Oh fun! great stuff in the mail. I love that!!
We had that same "gas is effecting everything!" soapbox talk at work today. Time for the old pony and cart to come back into our lives! I think the Amish are onto something...

Susan said...

What wonderful little treasures you got in the mail...that is fun! (Nice clipboards, by the way!)