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Saturday, March 03, 2007


What can I say other than, thank you for all of your thoughts. You really do warm my heart like a good cup of coffee (tea). I truly am overwhelmed by your words of wisdom, your compassion, your understanding, and must of all, by your love and friendship of my friends and family, both here on the blog, and for those in my life everyday. Hugs....hugs.....sniff.....sniff....I am truly touched by everyone's comments.
Just to let you know for those who suggested involving the authorities, I had done that earliar in the day before I posted, because more than just Josh's motorcycle has gone missing.'s been a trying time for me, DS, my X's Mom, and his daughter. We've all been affected by this latest binge of his. Every single one of us has had things of importance taken from us this week. There's been many tears of betrayl shed and not just by me. That's the really sad part because of the children. In anycase, I'm not going to rattle on because it sounds like a lot of you have been there before, and it's really very comforting to me to know that I'm not alone in this struggle or rather, there are others that have walked in my shoes. I said in my last post that I was going to meet you at the door smiling soon, and so here I am, taking baby steps---holding a cup out to you, I hope you know, you warm my heart. Let's talk about the better part of my day today!

<----The cup we are drinking from is from Starbucks. Isn't the heart on the inside the most darling (see top photo)??? I bought the mug this week on clearance for 4.99. Ya, I know...clearance for 4.99. It sounds high still, but I loved the Pink and Brownness of it, as well as the heart on the inside, I coulnd't pass it up. They had several others, and if I wasn't trying to be "semi" frugal, I would have snagged all the styles up. Speaking of Pink and Brown, check out the flickr site on the right of my blog....there are even more photos uploaded since last week! As far as I know....there are still 2 people waiting on their swap items. Other than that, everyone has received. The senders said they have shipped so keep your fingers crossed they arrive soon so everyone has a good swap experience :)

The better part of my day came after I was woke up by a not so nice phone call early in the AM. The good part of that was I got my butt up at 6:30 to be one of the first at a 60 FAMILY YARD SALE. Okay, well, that's what the ad said anyway! It was held at a high school in the county I live in, but about 25 minutes from my house. I was NOT going to drive all that way and walk away empty handed. I would find something, I would, I would!! What can make a sad thrift girl smile more than a 60 Family Yard Sale anyway?? The greyish blue plate is a Crown Ducal "Bristol". It's about 8 and 7/8s wide, and has about a 1 1 /2 inch scalloped rim on it. My only problem is, is it a salad plate, a dessert bowl, or what.....I'd love to sell it on Ebay, I just need to know how to list it....guess what I paid for it? 1.00! YUP. I love it, I'd love to keep it, but if I can sell it for 20-24 dollars, I might as well!!!

Other sale goodies included this cannister set from IKEA. I also bought a HUGE round one that goes with this, but it's still in the dishwasher and I wanted to blog on, so here is the partial set. Now this, I did pay a little more than usual, but they are worth it. Oh and the background fabric I picked up in Walmart's scrap bin for 55 cents.
In addition to these goodies, I purchased a wonderful 8x10 glass frame for 1.50, several cute coffee mugs for a quarter, some misc holiday decorating items for 50cents, and a HEAVY (heavy = good) saute pan for a 1.00. It is about as heavy as a cusinart pan, in fact I thought it was, and it does appear to be something similiar, but it must be a knock off brand that I am not familiar with. But for a 1.00. Who cares! I'll try to post more photos this week of my Happy Happy Yard Sale trip today.
In other news, I hope to do some crafting tomorrow. I think I will be back in the Crafty Saddle enough to do at least one project. I've been picking up a few inspirational magazines over the last couple of weeks and I'm itching to get going on some projects. I just have been feeling really drained because of all the turmoil going on, I haven't done much but read lately...that's about all I have energy for. I did get some YUMMY, SWEET, LOVELY, WONDERFUL, GOODIES in the mail as a surprise today (that was another highlight), from a newly married blog friend (where does SHE get all her organizational skills to do all she did before the wedding, including sending out extra Pink and Brown goodies to she crafted and thrifted for me?? Hugs back at your Rebecca).
In addition to wonderful package, the lovely Ellia sent me some scrapbook/collage papers that I had purchased on her Etsy shop last week, with some extra goodies (so sweet of her), as well as a hand written card included in her well wrapped and professionally packed package. This was my first Etsy purchase would you believe. I really only puruse the sight when someone mentions it on their blog post---it kinda triggers me to look at what you are making. Is it a good avenue for you crafty merchants to sell on?? To me, it's the endless time that an item is up for grabs that takes away from the buyer's sense of urgency, unlike Ebay....where you get it now or you might not get it at all. What do you all think that use that site? Other than that, I think it is a great forum, just doesn't seem like many sell a whole lot on it.
Thank you again to all of you that stop by regularly, those that make comments, and those that quietly stand by in the sidelines reading and cheering me on, I truly appreciate your support. I was meant to start this blog I believe, to help me along a truly difficult time I've had since this summer....and I have survived in a lot of ways because of you, and my and friends that have given me support that knew me before the blog...both in real life and those that I chat with here regularly.....blessing you all with my blog love. Extra BIG hugs and XOXOXO to my 2 special sisters, and my loving Mother who unconditionally love and support me. heart is warm today, because of you.


Colleen said...

Gotta love retail therapy ;). For the bowl I would do a search for the pattern looking for replacement service websites as they are going to be one of the best resources for sizing. I'm thinking it is a cereal bowl... If the website doesn't have anything in the particular pattern you can usually still get a good idea by looking at sizing in other patterns. Here is one to start:

Hope that helps :)


Christy said...

I was just at Ikea on Wednesday and almost bought one of those big, round, glass canisters. Lucky you for finding a whole set at a yard sale. :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that plate just yummy!!! I love that one. And you got good other shtuffin's too!!! I haven't thrifted at all this weekend and I'm starting to feel my blood depleting from my brain due to it. Like a crack addict, I yam I yam! Maybe I can sneak away tomorrow and do a little thrift run on the other side of the train tracks, ya know? Wanna come?

Hey, I read your other life changing post too and I just want you to know... well, I don't have words but I have big ol' eHugs. And if you want, I can come kick someone's arse. Cuz I'd do that for another thrifty chick. heh heh!

Christy said...

Sounds like you got some good stuff! I love the jar set. I went looking for something like that for my crafts the other day at the Goodwill but found nothing. Are you going to use them for crafts? I did get some small spice jars-I'll post a pic of them this week.

Paula said...

ew-ee! That plate is to die for. Love it! Your starbucks cup is really cute. .99 isn't bad, especially if it makes you smile. Cheers, lucy. I raise my cyber-coffee cup to you...

Lucy said...

Thanks Colleen for the the website, I looked on another one and was getting confused on what type of plate it was..LOL..hard to believe being the domestic Goddess I am! ;)

Christy (1)--I walked by the set 2x, then came back and got her down another 2.50 cents :) If you don't ask, you don't receive!

Smooochie baby---you are too funny! I love ya ;) I may just call on you sometime if I need some arse kickin' going on around here. I appreciate the power of thrift girlz uniting..LOL

Christy (2)-I was thinking along the same lines as you--using them in my crafts. Now--all I need is bigger shelf to put them on. Gooodwill by us has had crapola lately. We went there today and I walked away empty handy :(. I guess people really haven't started spring cleaning yet. In the summer, the store is loaded with goodies.

Paula--thanks for enabling me on my Starbucks purchase....I feel better now splurging, and I do love my mug. Whatever makes us happy right??

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I appreciate your comments!

MéLisa said...

I just love those Ikea containers! I have never been to one of their stores but they must be fabulous form all the great stuff people post about that they found at garage/thrift stores! It looks like you had a good thrfiting day. I am glad after all that you have been going through sometimes a little thrifty goodness is just the thing!
I hope that your good fortune continues. Hang in there.

Jennifer said...

I love everything you picked up but the plate is a beauty. I hope things start getting better soon for you.