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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Just plain GOODNESS is all I have to say about my new friend, Rebecca who is very generous and MUCH more organized than I am when it comes to sending out gifts and cards. I received these most welcome and treasured items this week from her as she spreads her treasures around the blogland. She sent me an adorable Santa ornament, which I immediately placed on my tree and he is very happy in his new home, I am happy to report!

Rebecca is also a seasoned paper crafter, as you can tell from this rosette (sp?), and the lovely card she sent as well. I put the rosette proudly in my foyer for all my visitors to view. It's soo pretty, thank you!

The card is accompanied by hand crafted pin which I am going to place on my new winter coat (which Mom sent me some birthday $$ and I'm putting it towards that...Thanks MOM!!). The only thing I didn't photo yet is a vintage holiday tablecloth and napkins that she also sent as a replacement for one of the several that were destroyed this year. It was a perfect present as I don't have ANY tablecloths, lol.... I still have some paints on my table from the last tray I'm working on this week so as soon as that's finished and I can properly display my pressie, I will be sure to share that gift as well. Rebecca, thank you for paying it forward many times over. I hope you and yours are blessed this season and always.

Next, I thought I share another MEME called 4 things I found over at Artsycraftsybabe's blog. :)

Four Jobs I've Had

•Breakfast cook at Ponderosa Steakhouse (my first job)

•Manager of a Music Store called Record Giant (by far the best, so many free cds, and concert tickets, too bad it didn't pay anything!)

•Store Manager for Kmart

•Currently, I'm a bank Manager

Four Movies I'd watch over again

•Forrest Gump-I can't tell you how many times I've watched it and every time it still makes me laugh and cry and I see something new in it.

•You've Got Mail

•Steel Magnolias

•hmmmm I'm hard pressed to think of another one, because I normally only watch movies once or a child though I watched ET probably 20 times!! About 7 of those we went to the movies (of course back then it was only like 3 dollars to get it..LOL)

Four Places I've Lived

•Dunkirk, NY (grew up there)

•Meadville, PA (moved there with Kmart)

•Rockingham, NC (ditto)

•Moore County, NC (I've lived in three towns in Moore county since I moved here from Rockingham in 1999)

Four Places I have Vacationed:

• St. Lucia (well, for a day if you count a stop on a cruise, love that island though, must see the Grand Pitons)

•Cape Coral, Florida (where my Dad lives)

•Daytona Beach (oddly enough it was when I was in my 30's and it was NOT during spring break)

•I've been on two cruises, one to the Southern Caribbean and the other to the Western Caribbean. The Southern was my favorite.

Four of My Favorite Dishes


•Steak on the grill

•Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

•Stuffed Shrimp

Four Sites I Visit Daily

•Taste of Home recipe bulletin board (any recipe you ever would want on here)

•Online banking account (gotta keep track of every penny)


•Countless blogfriends sites, as often as I can. Probably too often!

Four TV Shows I Love


•American Idol--I'm a music reality show junkie, I also loved Rockstar Supernova this year!

•Extreme Home Makeover

•CSI-love them all, like to catch at least one of them each week

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

•The Beach

•Back home in NY with

•On a Cruise

•Anywhere hanging with my kids

"Okay, I think thats it. Anyone else, feel free to play along!" as stated by Artsycraftsybabe, please join in!

Have a great week!


Sarah and Jack said...

I used to watch Forrest Gump every single Saturday night. (Sadly, I can hardly stand it anymore, I think more than 50+ times was enough!) Now Steel Magnolias on the other hand...LOL!

Barb said...

Taste of Home has a recipe bulletin? How did I not know this. I love that magazine so much that I don't subscribe--I would never throw them away, lol. But now they have books out of a compilation, and I'm buying that for myself for xmas. Sounds like you and I have a lot in common (reading, thrifting, cooking...). Thanks for commenting on my thrift blog today. I have considered selling stuff on ebay, but I'll have to learn how. I have a bag of stuff set aside for that purpose, including a Hermes tie. I love to sew with neckties though, that's why I buy the big bags full. Some of the designer items I find are mind blowing.

jungle dream pagoda said...

I got some goodies too! Oh yeah,American Idol (except the bad auditions ,I can't watch those)and Rockstar,love those!

beki said...

I'm with Barb, I didn't know there was a taste of home bulletin board!

Thanks for sharing those tidbits about yourself!

Rebecca said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you like your goodies. :)

As I'm reading through your MEME I kept saying ME TOO! Including the fact that I managed an indie record store and had about 600 CDS and had seen every band from Kiss to Jamiroqai but the time I quit that place. :)