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Monday, December 11, 2006

14 Days--YIKES!

I think this will be my last holiday tray
as the time is ticking and there are still more presents to be wrapped,
some more to be bought, and a couple of more things to be made, several things to ship---YIKES--- can it really only be 14 days till Christmas??? Oh my goodness, who stole a whole month from me?? Next year (I say this every year), I will start things earliar, plan better, and stay FOCUSSED. Ya right. Good intentions have a way of falling to the wayside, but at least I will give it the old college try!
This weekend I made some progress on the baking/cookie making front:
Amish Cashew Crunch
Candy Cane Fudge
M&M Cookies
Marlene's Soft Sugar Cookies
Normally, I save most of the baking for next week but since my oldest was here this weekend and he likes to help cook, I decided to go with it and rev up the mixer. I would have gotten more done but I can't seem to shake whatever it is that I have and my head was about to explode on Saturday so I was actually in bed by 6pm!! Sunday I felt better so away we went with the cooking escapades!
In other news, my other half will be moving back in 12 days....for those of you who know me, this will be a new beginning for us, as we have had had some very trying times as of late. He's clean, sober, and ready to start a new. So any prayers you can say to help guide him in his choices will be much appreciated. Maybe I can entice him into "guest starring" on the blog when he is home. I'm not quitting writing that's for sure, it's been good therapy for me since he's been away---and you "gals" are good for some cheap advice and encouragement!!! I want to continue even though he will be here taking up more of my Anyway, he might enjoy writing about his projects, too. I'm sure you all will be thrilled to learn how to tune up a car or to re-wire a steering wheel. All good things to know :)
Till next time,


Anonymous said...



Lucy said...

Awww SIS, thank you!! I miss and love you, too. Give hugs to the kiddies for me :)

Thank you for the card, I love it :)

jungle dream pagoda said...

Candy cane fudge sounds delicious!The trays loof fun,and I'll be thinking about you and your man.