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Saturday, November 11, 2006

We're Moving Along..

2 more projects down; 54 thousand to go. Not bad, I should be done by the time I am ready to lay it down for good! LOL I had to reorganize tonite and move the majority of fabric from my "studio", (aka my dining room) to what was once known as our linen closet. I was having anxiety attacks looking at it all. The kids will find the towels somehow. They don't get them themselves anyway, I usually set them out, so I feel this transformation is completely justifed. And to top it off, I am using a gigantic basket that I purchased for a buck at a yard sale to hold most of our towels. We took a break from crafting and went to go see Santa Claus 3 this afternoon. It's a cute kids movie if you haven't seen it, take your little ones or borrow one to make it look good...heehee.
Tomorrow will be cooking in the morning, visiting my other half in the afternoon, and then hopefully after that I can work some more on a holiday garland Im making with non holiday fabric..LOL...should be interesting. Stay tuned!


shirlee said...

Did you paint the Merry Christmas freehand? It's awesome. It has an old time Christmas look to it. I want to paint a "Santa, define good..." sign. Borrowing that from Country Sampler, dont' tell.
Good to hear you gave Santa Clause 3 a thumbs up. I loved the first one, the second was 'okay'.
I've been wondering how the third one is.

Lucy said...

Shirlee-yes I painted it free hand. That tray was about the death of me. I tried to get the crackle effect and in doing so I ruined the original lettering, so I painted over it again and then redid the lettering and it is what it is. I was trying for the antique/vintage look :)
I like your saying....hmmmmm...I might have to borrow it, too! ;)

Paula said...

Feels good to get a couple of 'em done, doesn't it? I finished a couple myself, though your stocking reminds me that there is one more that needs to be done here very shortly...

norththreads said...

Your crafts are great! Thanks so much for visiting , I cant wait to see your garland!! Let me know when its posted!!