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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm the Work in Progress

***Quick cornucopia with harvest stems
and misc harvest leaves and berries---I
purchased the wicker basket at DOLLAR
Tree..LOL Don' hate me because I'm

cheap! Hot glue is not my friend. I burnt
the b-jeepers out of my finger tip doing
this! Warning, don't use hot glue when
you are in a hurry and trying to race
through a project just so you can post
something, anything that you finished!****

I do believe that I am the work in progress as I look around my growing project list, half started projects and more wannado's in my head then my little brain can barely hold. I feel SLIGHTLY better after I completed a couple of things I had started. First off is this Ribbon Topiary Tree. This project found me (or did I find it...more than likely I found it) here, and then further inspired me when I saw it again here on Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls. On thing I discovered, it takes A LOT of ribbon for these buggers!! Do yourself a favor if you try this and buy a nice assortment of medium sized ribbon.

Materials needed:

• 5 inch stryofoam ball

•SEVERAL rolls of ribbon, hard to say how much exactly it depends on the yardage. I went through about 7 rolls and misc amounts on other rolls (cut your strips into about 4 inch strips and loop then pin to the ball)

•MANY pins--now you know what to do with all those pins that have multiplied in your sewing basket (or box if you are like me)

•Medium Sized wooden dowel

•Flower Pot of your choice, I painted one from Michaels

•Floral foam--the official name is escaping me (it's late here you'll have to excuse me!)


•Acrylic paint of your choice to use on dowel and pot

This is one project you can do in bed (yes I have no life). Turn on the tv, sorround yourself with pillows, take your basket of ribbon, scissors and start pinning away. So simple. It's actually a project that is mediatative. When you get tired, turn off the light, put the supplies on the floor and go to sleep. Hows that for a tutorial?? LOL I even tell you WHERE to do this project, not just what you need and kinda what you do!

This little guy went to work with me for our Silent Auction we are doing to raise money. So did my Hand Blown Glass & Hand Painted Palm Tree glasses I thrifted (they were brand new in a box) for 3.00. So far, they are bidding at 15.00. DANG!! I should have sold them MYSELF since I rarely drink, they were just eye candy in the house. Anyway it is going to a good cause.....our Holiday Party which we are being provided no money for to have so my team is working diligently to raise some funds to do something together as a team (we have a great team, I couldn't ask for better employees to manage).

As I mentioned earliar, I feel like I am the work in progress. I see so much I want to do. So much I don't know how to do but want to learn. I want to make things for Christmas, I want to make things for the house. I want to make things to sell. I want to I want to I want to....I sound like a broken record. My mind races with all I could be doing however I usually have maybe an hour or two at the most after work where it's me time. IF THAT. I can hardly wait till the weekend comes and I can go thrifting and then craft a bit imbetween hanging out with the kiddies. Time is like a vice grip that keeps tightening on me until I feel like I'm going to explode like a tomato and bleed juicy icky seedy ideas into a heaping pile of nothingness because there's so much laundry to do and these dang floor keeps needing to be swept. So if my work in progress pics are few and far between, check in with me to make sure I haven't exploded from the pressure I put on myself!! Please!! :)
********Editorial*****If anyone cares to enlighten me on how we match up the comments with the pictures, we'd all be alot less confused on my blog! UGHHH. Well I'm sure you figured out that the harvest item is below and not to the left. LOL
****Big Thank You Sara and Miss Fixit for your suggestions, I have fixed the layout issue of this post thanks to your suggestions!!*******


Heidi said...

I'm with you on the time thing. There's never enough! But I just try to be grateful for what I have. A good friend of mine died yesterday, so today I'm being grateful for the life I have.

Anyway, I try that crafting doesn't become one more thing on my to-do list. I want it to be pure enjoyment.

Paula said...

Sometimes, Lucy, I think you must be posting about me instead of yourself! How funny! ME TOO, ME TOO! I can't seem to get enough of my projects done and so many more floating around in my head and Christmas is coming and work and cleaning the house are getting in the way and and and...UGH!
Love the topiary tree. I had to enlarge the picture so I could get a closer look. Very Cool!

Sarah and Jack said...

About your picture ordering problem, I usually upload them all to Blogger, then go into the post and cut and paste the photos where I need them before I start typing in the text. Does that make sense?

Mizfixit said...

Love the ribbon topiary! Thanks for bringing it into the office and sharing it with us! For the record, it is far more adorable in person...colors are much bolder than in the photo. You have a good eye for color!!!

(About the photos lining up with the text....try going into your post editor, left click and hold your picture, then drag and drop it where you want it to appear in the post. That's how I do it!)

deb said...

That ribbon topiary is really sweet. I may have to try it.. I definitely have plenty of ribbon!! :)

deb said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Lucy (I love your name, btw.. always been a favorite.) You didn't leave an e-mail address :) so I'll answer your question here about the letters. They're covered with paper and lots of embellishments!

I'll be sure to visit again and I'll let you know if I try the topiary! :)

shirlee said...

The ribbon topiary is cool. Looks like a lot of work involved. It reminds me of the ribbon candy you get at Christmas time. I couldn't craft in bed. By morning I'd end up tangled in ribbon and pins stuck in places they shoudn't be.

Lucy said...

lol..Shirlee, yes crafting in bed should come with a warning before you execute that there could be some harsh concequences if one is not careful! I don't do it regularly, and I don't do it for everything. Painting would definitely not work. But knitting, and cutting out ribbon are two of the more workable ideas. :p