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Friday, October 27, 2006

Craft Swap Mega Box THANK YOU HEIDI!

Look at all these wonderful crafty items!!

Whooo hoooo, swap goodies arrived and I have been spoiled by Heidi at Spiritual Knitter , she jam packed my box with so many items, I am just in awe at her generousity! I had to take 2 pics to get all the items in, and even then, it didn't really do justice to each and every lovely thing she packed in this Craft Swap put on by Rebbeca, of Thrifty Goodness. It was great fun and I am so glad I participated in this fun swap.
I'm going to attempt to list the items:
1)9 or 10 varieties of yarn (lots of fun textures and styles) LOVE IT
2) A felted sweater to do a project like Heidi has been doing with her felted purses
3) Vintage Heidi book (from Heidi :) with a lovely book mark
4)OODLES of fabric.....yippee
5) A halloween craft project---just in time--uhh ohhh pressure is on!
6)Several fun sparkly knitting needles---can't wait to use them!
7) Vintage embroidered tea towel...very pretty, thank you!
8)Beautiful gift box filled with vintage buttons and accessories--I've been wanting to add to my button collection, I was tickled to find these in my package!
9)2 artist canvases to which I really needed to get back into my painting (big thank you)
10)darling wintery gift bag
11) and my FAVORITE ITEM ( I love everything but this was really a very generous part of my package)---a HUGE project kit to make a pocketbook, sunglasse carrier and change purse PLUS>>>>PLUS....a HOW TO KNIT video which I sooooo need! It has everything I will need to get started, yarn, needles, book, and video , and thread. Oh my gosh, I am very very excited to try this, I'm almost nervous!!!
I can't thank you enough, Heidi, for your thoughtfulness and generousity and I really am tickled with every thing you put into our swap. Big hugs to you.
I don't know what to do first...I need to practice on some of the yarn before I attempt the big project...but I will keep you all updated at my that I have it in writing, I need to do it! :)


shirlee said...

Goodness, it's like an early Christmas at your house. At least for you anyways. I've always wanted to learn to knit but I think I'd need a Knitting for Dummies book first.
Have fun with all your goodies.

Rebecca said...

WOW! What a great swap partner! I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap. You better get to knitting! ;)

jungle dream pagoda said...

Wow ,I think we were all a little spoiled!