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Monday, September 18, 2006

This is a photo of another smaller watercolor I did for my Mom for Christmas last year. The book itself is a scrapbook cookbook. Has anyone done one of those before? PHEW, what a project that was. It took me from October to December to finish it! Anyway, it was a labor of love. What fun it is to collect recipes, if I ever even started making 1/8 of what I have collected, I'd surely be as big as a house!

What projects are you doing this year for Christmas? I'd love to hear your ideas and works in progress!

Lucy :)


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love this watercolor. I would also love to see more photos of the inside if you have a chance. I am mostly working on rubber stamps right now for Christmas gifts. The kind that you carve. I really enjoy that craft.

Lucy said...


I only have 1 photo of the inside of the cookbook, but I did add it to the blog. I just whipped up this site tonite so it is not that I love the layout of yours!

I'm glad you enjoyed looking at the paintings. OHHH how I cried when they were all destroyed. I just need to get on the ball again and create more I guess though. How did you get into carving rubber stamps? Sounds like a great idea for Christmas gifts. How lucky your friends and family are!

Wish me luck at the big'm hoping to find some things to resale, too. I used to sell alot on ebay but got out of it last year, I might try again..but more so I am looking to put some things in a local consignment shop and see how things do.

Take care, and hope to chat again soon,

Rebecca said...

What a lovely painting! All of your work is beautiful, I love the flowers they look so real!

I think your cookbook scrapbook is a great idea! I have a "regular" scrapbook (meaning it's full of events like graduations, babies and stuff) but I think a cookbook would be nice to make one of these days. It must have been a lot of work!