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Zen Houses Online Workshop

Zen Painting Online Workshop

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What Do You Think? Zen Houses anyone?

One of the most fun things  I do as part of  my 'job' is to teach students around the world  creative techniques that they can use in their art.  I have to say to myself, is this really how I earn a living?  How dang cool and fun is this!! Whoohoo!   Each year I try to take some of the processes I am working on and share them via an online class or two.

 In 2016 I launched "Dirty Flirty Birds", and then later in the fall I launched "Zen Painting".  Both of those classes were so highly received by 100's of students that I was just blown away and so grateful to all of you who chose to play along with me!

This year, I have not produced an online class YET....because I released 4 new DVD's over at Artist Network/F & W Media, so you know...I didn't want to compete with myself too much but at the same time, I've been working on something brand new for you in the form of an online class merging two of my favorite styles--Funky Houses and Zen Painting.

Today we are opening up registration at an  EARLY EARLY BIRD price so that we can spread the word about this super fun workshop.  Bonus,   the students  have some  extra time to  collect  the supplies and purchase the class (even if they can't do it today). IF YOU CAN register early,  the special I'm offering is for 72 hours only.

You can join now by going  to the pre-sale page HERE. Or,  if you want to read more info including some FAQ, be sure to click my latest Zen Student Prospect Newsletter.    You can subscribe to the newsletter and qualify for some great prizes too, clicking on the subscribe button in the left hand corner.

If Zen Painting (the original class) is any indication of how much fun the students all had,  I'm sure this new class will be just as much of an adventure if not more!   

I hope to see you in class!  

Until next time....gratefully yours,


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