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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday Favs- Random Paint and Tools Edition it Friday, Saturday already???  I can't believe how fast this week has blown by!  I'm in the middle of teaching at our ReMe Retreats-The Sandhills  so I apologize for the late post. We've been crazy busy in the best possible way working with a fabulous group of women during this retreat!   

Today's post is going to highlight some random favs that I'm loving this week that I think you will too.  Without further adieu, let's see what's been on my art table lately!!

Well....can you see that big ole paint bottle on my table?  It is the bomb and should be a part of every artists tool box--drum Roll....Quinicridone Nickel Azo Gold by Golden.  You can use as a glaze,  wonderful for shading, aging, and it can mimic a patina, especially if you use it over Teal by Golden.

Over to the left and on my wall you can see my Zen Paintings which are created on Gessobord by Ampersand.  Love love love this material. It's great for inks, Golden High Flows, pencil, water color, even acrylic although I mostly use it for water media myself. 

Not sure if you can see this tool or not in my picture but one of my favorite mixed media painting tools that I use all the time is the Catalyst Wedge.  It can be used to apply paint, scrape paint back, draw lines, create scruffy industrial or weather look with paint and so much more.  The wedges come in a variety of different sizes but this style seems to be the one I grab for the most.  

Also made by Princeton are the heartiest brushes I have found to stand up to scrubbing paint on a canvas.   They seem like the bristles are unusually hard but once you saturate with water and paint, they are really very pliable and  retain their shape once you are finished painting.  

Hopefully you are inspired to start creating this weekend if you haven't started already!   Enjoy this beautiful fall day doing what you love.

Heading back to the Retreat, see you next week!

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