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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections EARLY EARLY Bird Special!

Be A Part Of Something Big!

(An excerpt from my special edition newsletter for ZEN Painting-if you want to be sure not to miss an issue, please click here  to join in the short term publication).

First off, I want to thank EVERYONE for your enthusiasm and excitement around the launching of my new class titled:

You guys are the best and I'm so excited to tell you a little about the class and why this class means so much to me!

Without a doubt, I have worked the longest and hardest at developing this new class prior to launching and it is also probably one of the most significant classes up to now for me personally as an artist and instructor.  Why is that? It's because this whole idea of Zen Painting started about a year ago, but I didn't have time to pursue it until life happened around January of 2016 and I became extremely ill.  I was so weak and exhausted, sick to the core and could barely get off the couch or get out of my bed but at the same time, I needed to work. I just didn't have the energy to go up to my studio outside of my home or even into my studio in my home.

Instead, I grabbed a few supplies left over from my photo shoot for my new abstract book (which is coming out in December 2016, btw!!!!) and created 'seemingly' simple black and white paintings that just made me feel so relaxed and at peace despite the fact that I was physically feeling awful.  My blood pressure was through the roof, I couldn't hold down any food and very little drink, anything that I did eat or drink didn't stay in me long, but when I was creating these pieces, I felt the pain go away and I somehow felt better. Something else happened during this time of creating this new collection--I could really, I mean REALLY, see myself growing by leaps and bounds.  It's as if I'm hitting my stride and enjoying painting even more than ever before....and honestly I was in love with creating even before all of this, so as you can imagine, my feeling of euphoria has been like falling in love with something or someone all over again.

About 8 weeks after I first became ill,I began exercising and pursuing weight loss that was not related to being sick, but rather had to do with becoming healthier.  I started adding more color, layers, and depth to my compositions and they have since taken on a life of their own.

(ReMe student work)

 I've taught this class in person to our ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island last May and since that time I've been working with new ideas, new compositions and tons of ways to explain to YOU how to achieve the look of this style of art which I'm calling "Zen Painting".

(ReMe students Brittany Gabel and Mary Green-Stone)

Working on an online class to me is a HUGE undertaking and I needed the time to recover and to clear out time in my work schedule to dedicate to YOU as this is one of my most important classes to share with all of my wonderful and amazing students. I want you all to feel the same sense of peace and confidence when you create that I have come to. I want you to be brave and unafraid of stretching your wings. I want you to fall in love with what you do, just like I have.

 And most of all, I want to be fully present to give to you everything I have as an instructor.

The time is almost here to do just that!!!! 

Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections will be released  October 5th, 2016!!!  Registration is now open for YOU to join now!

The EARLIER you sign up for this class, the more you'll save! 

8/12-8/18:  Pre-sale price of $89
8/19-9/14   Early Registration begins at the price of $95
9/15/-10/5  Sale Price changes to $99

10/5 at 12 noon (or before) EST. Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections launches!

10/6 and beyond- Retail price for Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections  will be $109

 As You can see from all the fun pictures I've been showing, this class is going to be tons of fun, but I'm sure you'll want to know a little bit more about what we will be doing so here is an overview of the class:

Our Zen Painting Chapters Will Include the Following Lessons:

Chapter 1:  Beginning Basics
Learn how to use the assorted supplies and create a library of creative inspiration in the studio and assignments outside of your work space. We’ll create texture and patterns in a variety of ways that you’ll be able to incorporate in your work during subsequent chapters.

Chapter 2:  Black and White Minis
During this chapter we will explore creating a collective set of black and white tiles that could stand on their own or be a part of a 4 piece set.  We’ll learn about incorporating patterns that work well together, how to shade and layer using a grayscale along with building depth through pen and assorted water media products.

Chapter 3:  Connections
Building on what we’ve learned in previous chapters we will work in a mostly neutral palette to build a peaceful (with of course a touch of whimsy) abstract painting with the theme of “Connections”.  Be amazed at how interesting and dramatic a simple color palette can be when you infuse complex and layered patterns along with shading in your work.

Chapter 4:  Pathways
Be bold and go a bit larger with this work!  Winding pathways, bridges, and more connections will be our theme for this project.  Learn how to glaze colors using a tried and true method the Old Masters used in oil paintings.  We will discuss color, color mixing techniques, and how to make your palette work seamlessly throughout your abstract composition.

Chapter 5:  Flow
Add new products to our mix to create contemporary water colors in a mixed media work of art.  Discover how to ‘go with the flow’ and become Zen with the outcome of this fun filled project.

Chapter 6:   Start to Finish
Sit back and relax while your instructor completes a Zen painting from start to finish.  Blending a hands on learning from our previous chapters with a visual style show cased in this start to finish painting, you will walk away with all the skills necessary to begin painting intense and abstract works of art.

Chapter 7: Final Commentary
All good things must come to an end, during this last chapter we will review projects, discuss ways to enhance work or changes that could be made, as well as finishing options.

 Zen Painting Students will learn about:  
  •  Creating lines with drama, using shading and negative spaces to build depth, creating texture with writing instruments, how to create water color effect with acrylics, tips and techniques for working on unique surfaces, along with much, much more!
  • This course will incorporate approximately 6-7 hours of video content!
  • Open ended workshop! No expiration date. Access your class 24/7!
  • Private Facebook Group for students to share, ask questions and meet other Zen Painters.  Instructor will visit daily other than planned travel days during the first several weeks of the class opening and frequently thereafter. 
  •   We will also have 2-one hour live chats during the first 6 weeks of the course.

 Skill Level:
  • Beginners and up
  • Students should have access to high speed internet as the videos will be high quality files and may require buffering prior to watching if you are in a remote area without high speed service.
  • Basic computer operating skills to navigate our website.
  • Videos are streaming and NOT downloadable.

 One other point I want to bring up--the supply list will be out in a few weeks as I want to be sure it coordinates as closely as possible to the lessons so you don't have to buy things we won't be using.  With that said, if you are one of our valued international student, I want to be sure you can get your hands on Ampersand surfaces (Gessobord) and  Golden's High Flow Paint. Those are 2  of the must haves for the paintings to coordinate with my lessons.

Are you ready to take advantage of the sale price for this jam packed class??   Join Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections, click


Thank you so much for listening to my story and for sharing your enthusiasm for this 'baby' of mine about to be born!

*This newsletter is short term and will end publication after the class is released. If you'd like to be on my regular monthly newsletter for a wide variety of inspiration, class updates, art business tips and more, join my monthly newsletter by clicking HERE.

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Maybe creating isn't for you but you love the look of #zenpaintings ,  take a look at the pieces I have featured (with more coming in the next few days!)

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