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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Recap, Release, and a Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!  Happy Beginning of Summer to you!

I hope you are ready to launch into carefree days of BBQ-ing, swimming, vacationing, and family fun! In between those wonderful days filled with sunshine and sweet memories, I'm sure you'll be looking for  something creative to keep the muse flowing, right?  Well this month's big recap issue is full of possible events for you to attend as well as some a special pre-view of my new line of paintings that I'm so excited to share with you!

Take a look at some of the pieces in my new series:  Zen Paintings-Journeys and Pathways

I could probably write a whole article on how much this new series means to me--and I probably will on my blog soon, but in the mean time-my new series of Zen Paintings are making me more happy than anything has in a long time.  It's hard to explain other than I feel like I'm breaking through to some uncharted territory and there is no end in site. I have a ton of ideas for new paintings, color combinations and themes.Can you tell I'm super psyched about this new series???

Seeds of Hope-Sold

This first set is largely reminiscent of pathways, rocks, and geological structures.  While there is a few black and white pieces, there are others that have striking color combinations along with a few that are more subtle in the featured hue.  With titles like Seeds of Hope, Connections, Crossing Your Own Bridge,  Break can see where my mind is going while creating these intriguing abstracts.

I needed the peace...rather I NEED the peace that I feel while immersing myself in this process.

I crave the quiet solitude while painting. This is a slow process. It's not a sling the paint, scrape, scratch and repeat type of work. Rather, it's methodical.  It's not always controllable but yet you learn how to control what happens.  The process and outcome is not literal, rather you see things in the composition that transform with each glance.

I'm exploring and going through some unique personal breakthroughs--and this is my first release of what will be a growing collection with three main arms in the series, (Black and white, touch of color, and full color).

As newsletter subscribers-you are the first to see the grouping in their initial stage and have a chance to own an original.  Art is an investment, and I hope you believe in what I do and love it enough to want to add on to your collection or start one of my work today. :)

To see all of the new Zen Paintings,  stop over to my Etsy shop and check them out! Let me know what you think!!!

Thank you for joining me in this journey. I'm beyond grateful!


Tons of Creative fun over the next coming months!

Upcoming Classes and Events:


Art Journal Live-Learn from 4 world class mixed media and journaling artists during this action packed one day only class, June 16th at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas!

Myself along with Gina Rossi Armfield,  Mary Beth Shaw, and Nathalie Kalbach will guide you through dozens and dozens of techniques along with several pages of art journal play.
Here's a sneak peek at a sample for my class-Character Studies:

Also in June-I'l be returning to Art More Place for a special 3 day whimsical and mixed media extravaganza-from acrylics to watercolors, birds, fishes and faces--we are going to have a blast anyway you look at it!  Did I mention that Art More Place in Melbourne Florida is a HUGE facility!  No cramped quarters while creating, each student has plenty of elbow room, sitting areas, and tons of inspiration in each and every nook and cranny!

Single Peeps,  Funky Little Fish,  and Face painting and Sketching primer  registrations can all be found by clicking the class titles or images for each workshop. I can't wait to see you there!!

July-I'll be enjoying a couple of weeks with my boys and family time before heading out for the first time to Washington State for 2 workshops over 4 days in Whidbey Island at the Pacific Northwest Art School!!!   This is going to be a blast and a great way to immerse yourself into acrylic painting, journal, and abstract fun!

Jam Packed and Abstract-  July 25-26: This is a class I'm soooo looking forward to! It'll be one of my first of many 2 day abstract classes featuring techniques and projects that'll be included in my new book coming out in the latter part of 2016, "Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink", published by North Light Books!

Funky Little Neighborhoods and Journal Jam-July 27 -28:   Bring your journals so we can jam on some pages and create the funkiest neighborhoods around town!   Based on my popular city paintings, these neighborhoods are full of quirky characters, fun elements and loads of color. Learn how to layer, shade and work with acrylics like you've always wanted to!

Looking forward.....This October--forget what you think you know about retreats, this October our newest ReMe Retreat, Reme-The Sandhills will blow you away!  We are pulling out the stops by pampering our students in so many ways, you'll walk away feeling cared for, inspired, and part of a growing community of ReMe Sisters.   

Space is extremely limited-so register early!  We also offer 4 payment plan options for your convenience!
Dates: October 19-23.  

Read all about ReMe and our newest retreat offering here!

Here's a photo gallery of some of our last few retreats highlights!



Recently I sat down with Sue from Irreversibly Moi, a fantastic website/blog that is great source for art and inspirational articles across many creative  mediums,  and dished about art, life, business and lots of fun things.   Check out the interview and be sure to enter in the giveaway for a complimentary pass to my Dirt Flirty Birds  online workshop or your choice of any of my new DVD's.

To see the video interview, stop over here.  

Until next time-live to create and create to live!



Giggles said...

Wow your new intuitive abstracts are gorgeous. Stunning work and your style is still evident! the aqua yellow on difficult to pick a favourite! I so enjoyed your interview on Irreversibly moi it was awesome! I love how you speak about being in love with Art I feel the exact same way! I always say I'm in a romance with Art and words! Loved knowing your background, banking seems a far cry away from creativity. Nice balance I imagine!! Also those questions on your favourite things was so fun! Thank you for sharing so generously your favourite tools and mediums too! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your classes...the flrty birdy would be a hoot!!

Hugs Giggles

Jean said...

Loving the new pieces!! Wonderful interview with Susan!