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Thursday, June 09, 2016

HUNDREDS of Selections in this 80% off Special Plus new release preview!

This is by far my favorite time of year over at Interweave!  I wanted to share this special offer from my affiliate who will also be publishing on my new book coming out in November/December!!!

Here it is, up to 80% off their Hurt Book sale.  I've bought books every year during this special and I haven't had any that were really damaged.  Maybe a bend in a page or so....most are pristine!

  There are over 250 offers in the mixed media category alone!!   

Save Up to 80% During the Hurt Book Sale at Interweave

Click the image to take advantage of the special!

Offer valid 6/9/16-6/14/16

Grab your favorite selection before they sell out!!

While you are here,  take a look at some of my newest paintings just released this week!!  I'm  loving on this new series so much. I feel like painting 24/7!!!!!

Here's just one of several of my new 'babies',  "The Sandbar'.

To see more, visit my Zen Painting section of my shop by clicking HERE.

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