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Friday, August 21, 2015

I Want To Run Away!

I've always wanted to go away by myself just to think.

 After I'm in a good place, take out my paints and dive in deep. I can picture myself  tucked cozily  away in the woods, hugged by a mountain and soothed by a trickling creek.  It hasn't happened yet but I feel the solo sabbatical coming soon.  I'm not even sure why I feel this way. I think that (probably like many of you), I just don't want to do laundry, or  mop the floors; or be on for cooking dinner, or answer the phone or reply to messages. I just want to hear things clearly and make decisions without the guilt of having chores to do. Not forever, God no! I love my life, yet I crave the solitude so to speak.

I imagine what  that scene would look like, and this picture although not really what was in my mind, can kind of take you away for a moment to that sanctuary I envision.

Or perhaps it looks a bit like this:

I could sit out on one of these big rocks with my journal and pen and write for awhile before I grab another cup of hot coffee and begin my day with a clear head and peaceful heart.    I know it may be awhile before I can go on that trip by myself to find my way again (finding my way needs to happen every couple of months has nothing to do with mental status, just my quest for clear direction :)  Instead of escaping somewhere, I have been doing these morning rituals that have helped me quite a bit. Maybe not as quick of changes as if I could sequester myself for 4-5 days at a time, but taking 45 minutes to go outside very early in the morning and read, drink coffee, then write in my journal, well that simple morning routine has lead me to some really amazing breakthroughs this summer.

One....I've started another new body of work.  My abstract collection is growing and becoming a huge part of the direction I want to take in the future.  It's something I've been cultivating over the last few years but this new collection is different. It's more mature in a lot of ways.

So to my point about wanting to go away to my safe little place in the woods,  the morning routine is actually a good compromise.  After all, once I get my inspiration and motivation in check first thing in the morning, what comes out of my painting sessions afterwards has been amazingly clear.  

Take 45 minutes at the beginning or end of the day to get yourself  into a state of clarity.  It might include exercise,  meditation, reading, walking,  music..whatever your vice is, after developing a routine you will be amazed at how your are able to cope, actually not just cope, but thrive the rest of the day.

You still will encounter obstacles.

You will still have to do the laundry.

You will feel more equipped for what's to come.  

It's a practice of clarity by doing what brings you peace.

Try it!

Do you have a morning routine or a way to seek clarity in your everyday life?
I'd love to hear !


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Barb B said...

Jodi, I am loving your new abstracts!

Zoe Nelson said...

Jodi, next time I need a house/cat sitter here at my little house in the mountains by the creek, I'll let you know!

Sue Marrazzo said...

You are so talented! thanks for sharing it ALL!!

Win Dinn said...

I am in agreement with you on the need to run away - I think it's fairly common for artists! Love the abstract direction - wow!

Laney said...

I love the idea of taking some time in the mornings to get centered. Always love seeing your art! Have a great week. :)