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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Incite, Create, and Renew!

For those of you who are on my newsletter (what???  you're not on my newsletter list?  Well let's change that!! ;)   Sign Up Here,  I had a giveaway for my subscribers to enter into.    The prize was "Incite 2"  (Look who's art was featured not just in the book but also on the inside cover jackets!!!)  plus a bunch of goodies--and I'm here to announce the winner!

And the winner is...Patricia Stark!  Congratulations, Patricia!!   Thank you so much for following along and entering.  I appreciate all of my followers both here, my newsletter subscribers, and of course all the other social media sites out there. I hope I can inspire you to live your life in a creative and colorful way, each and everyday!

If you would like to purchase a copy of your own, believe me, you won't be disappointed. It is a collection of over 100 pieces considered some of the best in mixed media for 2014!  Here is a link to the book:  Purchase here.     

Just when I thought things were slowing down yet, the pause I felt was only for a few 'minutes' because we are about to kick it up in high gear again come January.  First up, I'm participating in a new collaboration (well new to me!!) called Creative Jump Starts 2015, brought to you by Nathalie Kalbach and sponsored by Liquitex.    Haven't heard about CJS?  Well, it's a fantastic quick bit of inspiration everyday for 25 days in January by 23 artists....and get this. It's only 25.00 folks.  If you are feeling a bit in need of variety and putting a fire under your creative muse..this could be just the answer for you!  

Hop over to Nathalie's blog to check out more info and to register!  

Speaking of workshops,  if you didn't see my top banner when you hopped over to the blog--you may have missed the fact that I'm finally releasing a new painting workshop that has been one of my most requested classes online....Previously only an in person class, now you can join in this intensive (but FUN) work shop online as an e-course.   Several hours of videos, and tons of painting techniques, journal work, color exercises, doodles, and more will be included in your tuition.  We will put the brush to the canvas and create PODs and Portals in a "Pod-Tastic" way!!

The work shop will begin January 7th but you can register now and save 15.00 off the retail price.   The class is open ended and self paced, that means you have unlimited access to the class and can work at your pace. So whether you want to do the projects over the course of 6 weeks, 5 months, or 2 years...heck you can do it!  I stay active as a mentor for you as long as you need me within my 'office' hours and you can share your work and get to know your fellow students via a private facebook group.    For more information and to register,  please click HERE!  I'm super stoked about this class as its' one of my favorite ways to 'play' on the canvas but even more than that, the dance with color, doodling, shading, so fun and energetic, you can't help but enjoy yourself!.

 As if all this goodness wasn't enough, there's more fun to be had this besties who are also my business partners in our joint retreat venture, ReMe Retreats, Inc. will be getting together on Friday to solidify our 2015 programs for our 3 retreats.  Previously we only had one event, then we added a second last year--and this year we are offering 3 Ocracoke retreat experiences.  To say this is just an art retreat wouldn't be's more than that.
 It's about making new friends in one of the most peaceful and serene surroundings in the world.  Beautiful, breathtaking yet grounding.
 It's about letting your hair down or putting it up. Laughing with your new "ReMe" sisters....

Creating to your hearts content, full , and renewed.
 It's about Relaxing while viewing a peaceful sunset. A glass of wine or other cocktail of choice and soaking in the awesome beauty of the world around us...both feet on the ground and the wind at our backs.
 It's about gifties and surprises we have in store for our guests that are more than just an afterthought and a just cuz.  We want you to know that YOU are why we do what we do and we are so grateful for YOU, our guest.
 ReMe is about infusing creativity in your life with fun, easy to follow  but incredibly insightful classes by 3 instructors in the areas of painting, jewelry and assemblage,  bookmaking and surface printing.   In other words, we show you how to do lots of cool schtuff. :)
 You might walk in alone, but you'll walk away with 11 new friends, lots of memories, tons of laughs, a suitcase full of new treasures and a belly full of awesome food your hosts (myself, Jean, Penny, and one of our house mother's extraordinaire's cook in house for you from morning to night, we have you covered in every way).  You pretty much just have to show up with a few changes of clothes, your toiletries and you are good :)  haha.  

Yes...that was kind of a joke but not really. This retreat is all inclusive other than your travel.  Check in will be Monday at 3:00pm check out is Saturday morning.   Food, lodging, classes, supplies, beverages and a cocktail hour, guest speakers, little tours and more are all included.  Peeked your interest?  Our blog will tell you more about our retreat with sign up buttons on the left sidebar if you are interested.  Any questions---please feel free to email us at    

Back to my point, Friday we meet again to finalize our NEW details for our program and we are basically counting the days until our new adventures begin. Hope you join us!!

And that my friends, I think is all for tonight. I meant to get this blog post up earlier but...silly me doesn't know how to work the computer when she's buying stuff.  I had to go pick up my microwave at my quote 'local' store...which I didn't realize I had in a store that was over an hour away from me this evening. Ha!.  whoops.  anywhoo.  Now you know the other side of me ;)

Until next time!

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