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Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Birthday ! Pay What You Can Sale 2014!

It’s December 12th, what the what?  Where is this month going already?  Are you knee deep in glitter, cookies and rockin’ around the tree? If not, what are you waiting for?  I’ve already had my share of calorie filled treats but heck, what’s a couple more weeks of indulgence in the grand scheme of things, right? Lol  I do know that I best get to back to the pool soon before I undo (I kinda already have) all the good that I did over the last year!!!! J

Speaking of treats---it’s the day before my Birthday and I thought I’d celebrate with YOU in a big way with my artsy goodies  by hosting for the second year in a row a----

“Pay What You Can Sale” !!!

What is a Pay What You Can Sale?  Well,  a couple years ago I received an email from an inspirational speaker, author,  and artist that I admire  (Danielle Laporte) who offered a sale for one day only on one or two of her very popular (but pricey) book/programs and I thought now isn’t  that a coolio idea?!  I sat on the idea for a year and then last year I decided to take a plunge and do my own version of the special for a LIMITED time, too! If you stopped by last year, you may have got a SWEET deal, and hopefully this year you will find a deal or two as well. And this year is going to be even BETTER than before!  You’ll see in just a moment! 

Here’s the Deets:
“Pay What You Can”

For a limited time (special preview by Newsletter Subscribers)  on Friday, December 12th through  Sunday December 14th at 1:00pm (so I can get as many time zones as possible in the time frame) I will post a variety of items in the following categories:  Supplies,  Prints, Originals,….and wait for it….and COMMISSION pieces, without prices you have to pay, but offer them on your terms in the spirit of Pay What You Can.
I will post suggested retail prices so you can gauge what I normally offer the artwork or supplies at.
Shipping is not included and pieces do not come matted or framed (for original art and prints) .
I will consider every offer J
I do reserve the right to decline an offer that is well below cost or not truly a fair offer.  
For example: I can not do a 3ox30 piece for you for 20.00  I’m sorry. 
I will also offer payment plans if you really want that 30x30 piece but would need to split payments up to make it happen!
In the event more than one person makes an offer, I will take the highest offer-but will notify the lower offer 1x  that there is another bid that has beat there’s without revealing the offer to see if that person would like to resubmit their offer.
Things to take into consideration:
Prints are made to order, please allow 10-14 days for delivery unless you want to upgrade to an expedited shipping. 
Custom items are truly custom items,   I want YOU to get a deal and if you tell me you can only pay xyz as you are on a limited budget, it’s an honor system.  It’s not a good feeling if I see that same person the next day on facebook talking about their trip around the world and total home renovation being on a limited budget. I know you get what I mean!! I’m just saying as that happened to me it almost made me not want to do this again.
Most custom items will be worked on in January and could take 2-4 weeks approx.  to complete, depending on how many orders and the complexity of the subjects.  If you need your item sooner, please contact me before placing an order/offer.

How do you make an offer?
I will post a link to a form you must fill out so I can have all the information in one place.  By the end of Sunday or sooner I will review all offers and let you know via email if your PWYC offer was accepted. Invoices will be sent out shortly thereafter.

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Here’s Jodi Ohl’s Pay What You Can Sale 2014!
******NONE Of these items have EVER been offered as a PRINT!!! HUGE opportunity to own a limited edition item***
We Can Be Friends
(On metallic paper)
Suggested Size and Price

12 x 12   $42
20 x 20 $75
Amount available:  3
Let It Grow
(on Metallic Paper)

12 x 12    $42
20 x 20  $75

Amount available 3

Wander in the Wild
(on Kodak Lustre Paper)
18 x 24   $84
16 x 20  $64
Amount Available: 3

Land of the Odd
(on Kodak Lustre Paper)
18 x 24  $84
16 x 20  $64

Amount Avail: 3

*I had some leftover supplies from my last show so here’s a great opportunity to get a deal.  In addition, I’m doing a studio clean out—see what could be yours:

Set of 6 Silks Acrylics
Colors:  Autumn Leaf, Spicy Tomato, Black Ice, Bolivian Blue, Olive Vine Green, and Black Ice
Retail 7.00 each
Suggested Price:  $42.00

Amount avail: 1 set

Silks Sampler Sets  9 total colors:
Colors:  Plumeria, Ginger Peach, Sapphire on Ice, Black Emerald, Rustic Rose, Warm Gray, Wisteria, Vintage Mint, and Autumn Leaf)
Suggested Retails 24.00 for both sets
Amount avail:  1 set

2  Twelve Packs of Twinkling H20s!
Assorted Colors:
Watermelon Mist, Celadon, Daffodil, Iris Petal, Just Peachy, Sea Spray, Nutty Oak, Dragonfly Wing, Lime Squeeze, Mango Freeze, Royal Satin, Cool Water;  Teal Zircon, Royal Orchid, Moss Agate, Sweet Thistle, Deep Coral, True Blue, English Lavender, Wine & Roses, Dreamsicle, Lemongrass, Mediterranean Blue, and Blushing Rose
Sold together
Suggested Retail *26.00 each    $52.00
Amount Avail:  1 set of 2

Artsy Magazine Grab Bag
I can fit at minimum 10 magazines in a medium flat rate box .
Most magazines have been read but are in good condition.  I have a variety of issues dating back to 2009 that I’m parting with.  I will choose an assortment from everything I have until your box is full!
In the spirit of a grab back, I can not take requests for specific issues.
Suggested Retail $50.00 (5 dollars per magazine)

Amount avail: 3

Artsy Grab Box:
This box will be filled with goodies that could include:
Magazines, Books, Art supplies, canvases, prints, small original pieces, paint brushes, papers, hand painted papers, notebooks, paints,  pens, pencils, jewelry supplies. Each box will be different and chock full of goodies, some new, some GENTLY Used.
Retail value will be anywhere from 100.00 and UP!
Suggested Retail: 
Amount Avail:  2


30 x 30 Original
“Development” on 1 ½ inch stretched canvas
Suggested Retail: $825
NOTE: This is considered an oversized item for shipping;  It’s been my experience that this size piece does cost between 60-100 to ship depending on where you live (US only).
Amount avail: 1

“Love Grows”
16 x 20 on ¾ inch stretched Canvas
Suggested Retail
Amount Avail:  1

“Jar of Hearts”
11x14 Watercolor on Yupo paper (will need to be matted and framed)
Suggested retail

“The Calling”
11 x 14 Watercolor on Yupo (will  need to be matted and framed)
Suggested Retail:
Amount avail: 1

“Grunge Love” 
Inks on Yupo
12 x 19 (will require matte and frame)
Suggested Retail

Amount avail: 1


Commissioned Art.
Yes, you  heard me right!

 Perhaps you want your own funky house, village, pod, chickie, or abstract-I’m going to offer just a couple of HUGE opportunities to get your own piece customized exactly like you want.
When you consider your offer, please note, I can not be as flexible in my acceptance of offers pieces due to the fact that these will all be created from scratch. I will however allow some discounts and or layway payments.    Make me an offer!

11x14     on 1 1/2 in  wood
  Suggested Price: $145
20x20   1 12/ in  canvas
18x36    1 1/2 in   canvas
30x30      3/4  in    canvas

I will offer 2 of each for commission except for the 30x30 which I will offer one special commission during the Pay What You Can Special.
****When filling out the form, please specify the style you are interested (houses, abstracts, pods, birds)  and colors you’d like to see used.

That’s a ton of super coolness! I’m super excited to bring this to you and can’t wait to share some artsy goodness with YOU in honor of my 46th birthday J Eeek. I don’t like saying that  but every day that we are here on earth with those we love is a gift so although I don’t love the wrinkles or the bones aching, I love life and am grateful for every minute of it!!!

 Remember,  offers close at 1pm Sunday, December 14th (est.)
I am open to international shipping but please remember, prices have gone up significantly. Shipping, taxes or duties are not included.

Thank you ALL for another fantastic year of creative fun. I've been blessed to meet so many of my students and collectors of my work in person, this is a great 'job' to have and I so appreciate you!! 
Here's hoping 2015 is a great year ahead full of fun adventures, prosperous growth, good health, and much laughter and memories with those you love:))

NEW: Class offering in Raleigh, NC   this March and April!
(not part of the PWYC special)
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Joys said...

Hi Jodi...I was wondering if your Grunge Workshop is on sale?

Happy Birthday.


Jodi Ohl said...

Hi Joy, it wasn't supposed to be on sale but it looks like they still have it discounted at 10% off, not sure how long that will go on-so if you are interested, here is a link:

dawnclose1212 said...
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dawnclose1212 said...


Sweet Birthday Blessinga and grattitude for your beautiful
offerings and generocity of your Sweet Spirit !!!

Much Love<