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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chocolate Dream Truffles Yum.

Now don't get the wrong idea about me. I'm not a cook. But sometimes I like to play and experiment. Just ask my family.  Many many cooking failures or overly ambitious projects for a person with less than average cooking  but every once in awhile there is a diamond in the rough.  I think my favorite topping is the sea salt...I just love chocolate and sea salt....sea salt and caramel PLUS chocolate, well now. That could just melt my heart.  
Tis the season, these would also be great around Valentine's Day!
Chocolate Dream Truffles.

1 1/2 packages of good quality chips  (18oz)
1 cup heavy cream
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 tsp Orange extract
*optional your favorite flavoring, extract or liquor such as Grand Marnier

Pour Chips in a heat proof bowl.
Heat heavy cream and butter in a sauce pan until just boiling.
Pour  cream over chips and wait a minute or two then stir in a circular motion with a spatula until the chocolate and cream are fully incorporated.

*If you need more heat to melt the chocolate,  heat over a double boiler (fill a sauce pan ¼ full with water. Nestle your heat proof bowl over the sauce pan ).  The chocolate bowl should not be touching the water. Stir with spatula until the chocolate is fully melted and shiny.

Allow chocolate to set in the refrigerator 1-2 hours until set enough to roll into balls.
Roll into small balls.  Roll again into your favorite topping.

*If the chocolate mixture seems too hard to roll into balls, set aside and let come to room temperature. This does get messy so be ready to wash and dry hands in between each truffle.

Topping suggestions:
Cocoa mixed with powder sugar
Chopped hazelnuts
Mini marshmallows
Crushed peppermint
Shaved Chocolate
Sea Salt

I like to serve the truffles in a mini cupcake holder.

Keep refrigerated up to 2 weeks.  Serve at room temperature.

This recipe can easily be cut in ½, however this makes just a little over a sheet of truffles which is perfect if you are gift giving for the holidays or having a party. If you want just a small batch, Feel free to cut in half.

1 comment :

Janet Ghio said...

Wow! These look deliciously decadent and entirely appropriate for a blog called Sweet Repeats!!