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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Here's Part of the NEWS!!

Happy Almost Thanksgiving friends! Here's an excerpt from my newsletter--if you haven't joined in, you are missing out on HUGE exclusive specials and a giveaway this month. 

 It's easy to join,   just click on this LINK HERE and you will be added!  

What am I grateful for in the artistic sense? 

I am grateful to be able to do what I truly love everyday. It is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. I couldn't do it without YOU as part of my support system.  Thank you for being a part of the 'maker movement' of our generation. It means everything to me :)  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,  eat lots of Turkey and enjoy time with friends and family!

New Online Class Announced!

Pre-registration for the work shop is now open. whoooohoooo!

Pod-tastic has to be one of my most requested classes to do online, you asked for it and I am making it happen!   While the class officially opens, January 7th-we are going to do a pre-registration special from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday at $20.00 off the regular price.  The registration page is not open YET...but by Thanksgiving morning it should be.  I can guarantee you this is going to be one class you will not want to miss. Affordable, 24/7 unlimited access, and chock full of new techniques and projects meant to inspire you in so many ways.   The class will be held over at Creative Workshops.  Take advantage of the sale by clicking:

Speaking of Online classes, I have a variety of sales going on with the companies I partner with to bring you my e-courses for Cyber Weekend:

Creative Workshops:

use code Black Friday to take advantage of the sale over at icreateflix!

Over at ICREATEFLIX, you will need to use promo code  Black Friday to receive the discount.

 .  To view all my online classes, click HERE.

Why Not Invest in Memories?

A Very Special Experience Alert:

I wanted to share with you a personal event that I'm hosting with 2 of my besties and business partners, Jean Skipper and Penny Arrowood.   ReMe Retreats is an intimate creative experience with lots of hands on and close interaction with both the instructors and students alike--it's hard to even call what we do a business because it's more of a life changing experience with an eye towards self care and inspirational motivational healing and renewal. In our first year we are limiting the guests to 8 so we can truly give YOU all that you need to come away rested, relaxed, and renewed.

  Our first event was held last May and our second retreat was held  in October.  In 2015, we will be offering 3, yes 3 events!!!
The destination once again will be Ocracoke Island.  Ocracoke is a small remote island off the coast of North Carolina. The island is  23 miles from Cape Hatteras and part of the barrier islands known as the Outer Banks.  It's isolation is a large part of it's charm not to mention it's world renowned miles of expansive beach. It's the perfect setting for you to come away feeling uplifted yet grounded.

It's not too late to sign up for this all inclusive (outside of travel) event.
Stop by our blog to read more about the details of this intimate but profound experience.

One of our students stated that ReMe put the "Retreat" experience back into a Retreat.

With a total capacity of only 24 students for all 3 events, we expect to sell out each event.
If you'd like to join us, we urge you to do so today!  FLEXIBLE (including monthly) payment plans available.

ReMe Retreats


December 13th is my birthday...whooohoo! I'm turning ummm okay let's just say it. 46.  wowza. Well age is but a number, isn't it?  I feel younger at heart and that's all that matters I suppose. If you were a newsletter or blog subscriber last year, you know I did something uber special...and this year is no exception. I plan on throwing a big Cyber Birthday Party doing something very unusual.  Hey there may be pressies for you, there too!
Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Final Words

In my studio, I have a little notebook I keep up on my desk that is much smaller than I care to sketch in but perfect for words of wisdom to write and motivate me while I'm working.  These words I've written many times to myself as a reminder that you, me and everyone else is worth all the great things that happen to us--and all the possible wonderful things that are to come.  If we are still here on this earth, then there is still work to do, things to learn, and endless possibilities ahead of us.

That also means there will be challenges. You, me, others. None of us are excluded.  Some of us face challenges that are seemingly impossible at times.  Others face stumbling blocks that seem to keep coming one after another to the point one wants to shout, enough already!  And then there will be a pause.  A calmness that will come when you accept, yes, why not me--the good and the bad will always be there and both will come back and forth in your life like the waves of the ocean. There will be times of calmness and times of unbridled fury.

It's the ebb and flow of our world.

The holidays can be challenging, especially when we are still aching from a loss, or feeling the stress of financial woes, the struggles of keeping up with it all and the expectations of others.
Remember, that you deserve greatness...and all the pieces that come before your shining moments in the world are part of it.  Why not you?  You got this.  The sun will shine tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Be grateful for today.
Say this again.
Why Not You.

Until next time! 
Artfully Yours,

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