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Friday, May 30, 2014

A Week In Review....and something New...

Happy Friday~! What a fun week this has been since we last chatted. The boys and I took a mini trip to the amusement park/waterpark near Charlotte and met up with some family we hadn't seen in awhile. We chilled in the evening at a cushy hotel before making the trip back home with a detour at Mary's lake house in Mt. Gilead for more fun in the sun, tubing, wave runners, swimming, cook out and of course just a couple adult beverages with dinner for us old folks:)
All good things and what the doctor ordered after a busy couple of weeks...ummm month or two.

After the super soaker mega fun weekend, back to work this week on tying up loose ends on some projects, gallery filling, I have been focused on and getting my new class rolling over at Dreaming in Color, "Extreme Portraits".

Just a few days in and the students are already doing a great job with their studies and warm ups. As a teacher, I strive hard to give you the whys behind the 'what to do next steps' so that you build a solid foundation of learning, not just for the project at hand but for your future as an artist. This class is loaded with information, challenges, exercises, and technique tips and tricks. It's not too late to join us, why not give Extreme Portraits a shot and go to the coolest school this summer:)

Class Description:
Are you looking for ways to build more depth in your portrait painting? Extreme Portraits is the newest portrait class offered by Jodi Ohl that will help you take your portrait work to the next level, even to a cutting edge extreme. In each of the lessons covering a span of six weeks, you will find easy to follow directions and content that is rich in information that you can use not just in your portrait work, but a variety of mixed media applications.
In the fall of 2012 Jodi released Painterly in Pink, an online class which focused heavily on drawing before painting the mixed media stylized portraits and now we are excited to present the much anticipated offering of Extreme Portraits

Continue Reading Here:

Well that's about it for today unless you want to hear about my adventures in not really dating online..I could tell you some stories about some crazy people that seem to find   A couple of nice ones but for the most part I've had not the greatest luck. My friend Deb says not to talk like that because I will draw more crazies in towards me if that's what I verbalize so I'm hesitant to say anything other than I can see a 45-50 year old Jared Leto type coming into my life very soon with a beach house, place at the mountains or the propensity to drive to either or for weekend getaways at rentals, a good sense of humor, kind heart, trustworthy with a sense of adventure, along with moral character, handy with things around the house or sense to know when to call in the troops..not a couch potato but not a thrill seeker-great if you love music and can sing or play the guitar...i may be getting to picky , can grill and cook like Michael Symon but be romantic and must love kids, dogs and icecream.

I'm sure there's more but I need to get back to work :)   

Have a great weekend and never forget to smile, laugh a lot and  don't be afraid of living your life.  This is our one and only chance to make memories:)

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