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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Memorable Month.

 I've been a bad blogger lately....mostly because I've been on the go non stop it seems for the last few weeks.

It's time to slow down so I can remember it all and share a bit of what's been happening before we (I) forget.

The first week of March was spent having a big time in Saluda, NC at the wonderful Random Arts shop.  3 classes,  tons of talented students that I just LOVED immensely (I learn from them as much as they do from me), and a great time had at my hostess's lovely home (Phyllis Peterson).  
Looking forward to coming back next year. I'd love to see the mountains when Spring is really in the air!
The first day it rained. The second day it snowed, third day it was 60 last day it was 70.  Gotta love NC weather!!

 Students from my first day of classes, "Angelic Inspirations"
Love all those smiling faces! AND super cool we had a Mr. in the mix:))
 As soon as I got back from Saluda I started working on a new class that I'll be unveiling soon featuring some super cool abstract techniques on a specialty surface.  I decided to 'try out' my ideas at a demo I was scheduled to be at along with several other talented instructors and demo artists who work with Jerry's Artarama up in Raleigh.  We all spent last Friday morning teaching an assortment of students who won the honor to have a day immersed in the arts from around Raleigh at a special program hosted at the North Raleigh Christian Academy. You never know how kids are going to react to what you do or show them...but I had no trouble at all getting them to participate. THEY loved playing around with some of the techniques I showcased as did the teachers who chaperoned. 
It's such a great feeling to be able to share what you do to those who are also enthusiastic about the creative process!
This week I've been working on tons of orders for the East Coast shops that will be needing a restock soon and had to take a breather today and step outside to take a look at some of the blossoms that are starting to pop up around the yard.

It's my favorite time of year....that's for sure. We are awakening from a long winter's nap full of vigor and readiness for what good things are to come with the rebirth of the new season.
 I've been in a strange mood lately. Contemplative and quiet.  Full of ideas I was listening to a talk on Memory.. a closing line caught my attention.
"If you want to live a remarkable life, you need to be the type of person to remember.". 

Yes. I am guilty of having a poor memory. 
Am I just rushing through each passing day without remembering details?
Am I too lazy to remember things? 
Unfocussed or hyper focused? 
I'm going to try an experiment to be better at remembering, even documenting things.
 I don't want to jinx myself but I'm going to do my best at carrying this through for the next year.
I'm over letting the days slip through my hands without remembering to look up.

How about you?

 Look up and remember each day is a gift.

Have a remarkable life. It's never too late.


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1 comment :

Giggles said...

Beautiful artwork as usual....I can't help but wonder if a man did that ted talk.... I'm going to look for it. I watch at least one a day! I know in my forties it was quite hormonal of me to forget things and have no recollection. That eventually passes, then it becomes harder to focus even when the memory returns!It can be even harder if you're busy...Don't beat yourself up about it....time goes fast! Enjoy the moments you can!

Hugs Giggles