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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Renew...The Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Hello and Happy Friday EVE my friends! 
Yes, I am a few hours early for once in my life!!!!!
Normally our blog hop posts go live Friday but all of us at ReMe wanted to get the party started a little early and celebrate with you!

                     Welcome to Week 3 of the “ReMe” Blog hop! 


  Over the last couple of weeks we have met 2 of the instructors and hosts for ReMe Retreats. Jean Skipper and Penny Arrowood ,   have taken us on an insightful journey, showing   how the ReMe motto:
Photo courtesy of Jean Skipper's Originals
                                                                "Rest, Relax, Renew"
 applies to their personal life and how it will apply at our destination retreat in Ocracoke.  Through our musings we hope  you can truly see how our motto, is actually a mantra that can feed one’s life and creative muse in many ways (personally and professionally).  If you didn’t get a chance to visit their blogs during the hop, please stop back when you have a chance as both Jean and Penny really dug deep and poured their heart into their posts.  BTW…I have a couple cool prizes to give away as well... so read on and find out how you can enter to win!

   For those of you who don’t know me and are stopping by from a link that led to another link,  allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jodi Ohl, and I am one of the instructors and founders of ReMe Retreats. I wear a lot of hats on a day to day basis from taxi cab driver (okay carting my 13 around to his various practices, friends, school, entertainment), to maid…haha…sometimes I feel like one…to full time artist, business woman, teacher,  and of course my most important role as a Mother to 2 boys, ages 13 and 19.   I’m also a single parent who never knows if she is doing things right or enough of the right things.  Admittedly, life gets amazingly rough as often as it is smooth sailing because of my own personal doubts and worries (insecurities more than likely). I can go from zero to homeless in about 60 seconds. When I’m at that point of no return or recognize the signs that I’m going there, I know I need to incorporate some self-love into the mix. That's where my word, "Renew" comes into play. Truthfully, I am a very positive person. I want you to know however,  that even the most positive or energetic people need to reel it in from time to time and simply breathe, refresh and well, renew.

 I am going to talk a little bit about how I “Renew” myself while in the midst of running my home, and business, and still stay (somewhat sane). So thank you for joining me in this little ‘musing’.

                                 My Top Ten Tips for ‘Renew’ing My Inner (and Outer) Self:

    1. Change up your routine.   We all get into a rut running mindlessly at times going through our day to day routine. If you change just a little bit of that routine, you will be amazed at how it can give you a new perspective on your daily activities.

   2. Get some sunlight and feel the wind on your face.  Maybe you are already an outdoors person but if not,  there is a lot to be said about just feeling the sun on your skin for a few minutes each day.  I truly believe in the winter blues, I used to live in the snow belt where sun is few and far between for 6 months every year. Now  that I work from home and live in the South,  you would think that it’s easy for me to get outside and enjoy fresh air every day, and it is…IF I make time for it! 

       3.  Exercise.  Okay so this is one where I am re-discovering the benefits of daily exercise. Without a strong body, it’s hard to have a strong mind.  I’m still a work in progress, believe me, but I feel much more capable of handling life in general than I did say 6 months ago when I started to re-incorporate exercise into a daily or somewhat daily routine.  Bonus, I've lost 10 lbs and several inches...just wait to the summer baby...just wait;)

    4. Swimming. This goes along with #3 but even if you hated exercising,  being surrounded by water and just floating or doing laps,  it almost encases you and transports your mind to another time. I can’t explain this to you in any other way but to say that it is one place that I feel unplugged for a little bit and incredibly peaceful. Lucky us, our first retreat is on the Outer Banks in Ocracoke Island...not sure if will go swimming but the same transportation to another world happens when my toes hit the sand or I see and hear the waves of the ocean lapping onto shore.
(no picture in my swimsuit..sorry. I know you are disappointed ;)

    5.   Drive. I love to drive and it doesn’t have to be to anywhere in particular, however once I’m heading out on the open road (back roads are best whenever possible), I try to take in what’s around me and get lost in thought. Even better if I (or we) find a cool little shop or a local dive restaurant that only the locals know about with the best food/books/trinkets/treasures to be found...or even a drive to a scenic look out that you shouldn't miss if time allows.  Totally renewing to me.


Read On for the Rest of the Story and a chance to win ANOTHER Giveaway!!!
 Here's a sneak peek at the ReMe blog giveaway:

 (an original painting I created especially for this blog hop).

For stopping by my blog  you can get one entry into my personal giveaway of two of my 

Renew pieces:

"Renew" everyday inspirational ornament, and a "Renew"  Sweet HeART Magnet

Simply comment here and tell me one way you find a way to Renew in your life.
I can't wait to hear what YOU do.

Don't forget, stop over to ReMe for the rest of my tips and another chance to win a 
10x10 original painting!!!!! (Share this post or ReMe's post for an extra entry, just come back and make a second comment to let us know you shared the love!)


cottontail said...
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Tori Burgess said...

Fantastic blog hop! And congrats on the 10 lbs Jodi! Hope I am right behind you in that...

I usually renew by painting and mixed media but I also like to travel to new places and photograph along the way. Table Rock and Jones Gap areas are one of our fave fall destinations! After taxes this year I feel the need to Renew again soon. Road trip!
Tori Burgess

Tori Burgess said...


Denise Spillane said...

You are an amazing artist. Love your posts, blog, etc. to renew I do a few things. Gelli plate, just so fun. Go for a walk with my senior doggie or get wit friends for laughs, talk, food,etc.

Karrlin Bain said...

I renew my life in a lot of little ways. Lately my fave has been sliced cucumbers in my water bottle. People think it is weird but if you like cucumbers it is delicious, fun, and good for you! Thank you for a great blog post!

april dawn said...

I go to the gym and take naps. I have fibro and I don't sleep well so naps are very necessary.

HuckleberryKim said...

Here in the pacific northwest it rains....a lot. With only 3 months of nice weather, I try to find indoor walking places that are free. Malls, expo centers, etc. If I'm stuck inside I meditate.

Jean said...

I enjoy walking with the dog - although the weather lately has made this very challenging. Reading and snuggling with the dog are also good relaxers.

Erin Fish said...

I "Renew" by getting up early each morning (5 am) and checking my blogs for inspiration. We then walk our two big dogs - the exercise and being outdoors, plus the boast from my blogging really help to get my day started. Thank you for this generous giveaway.

Quiltmomof6 said...

I love getting away even for a hour or two with no kiddos and seeing friends, doing art, shopping for art supplies etc.

Anonymous said...

I put down on my family's calender ... TIME AWAY .... for me. And I take off and go somewhere. I have three boys and a full time job, and I have a helpful hubby too. But I crave time alone with my thoughts. I always am a much nicer person after one of my days to myself. lol

cincat said...

When I feel the need for some change...I usually go out with a friend to a movie or for a walk and a java...breaks up the usual routine for me. =)

Karen said...

I use nature to renew. I'm lucky enough to live near a small mountain where I can hike and a college with a large lake where I can take the dog on a really long walk. The ocean is really where I reenergize the most and I wish I could get to it more often.

Linda Poche said...

One of the ways I renew is to try a new recipe. We have our standby meals and they are easy and old hat, but I decided to mix it up one night and discovered my husband loves the new mustard sauce I created. I felt a renewed sense of excitement in the kitchen and that's something that doesn't happen every day :)

Myra said...

Your blog, like your art.... beautiful.

Michelle Sutter said...

I see a Jodi Ohl coffee table book in this post...a fun collection of your Art through the years along with these amazing ideas & more! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not working now but I try to maintain a daily routine that does not include sitting in front of the TV. I try to walk 30 - 45 minutes a day - living in NYC makes it pretty easy. Sometimes I'll meet a friend for coffee before heading to the library for my real job - looking for a job - then home. My goal is to spend at least an hour of daylight creating each day.

Jenny Redmond said...

I renew by doing things I love. Painting, playing my bass, mountain biking, and laughing and being silly with my kids.

Kimberly's Mixed Media Art said...

From time to time I think it's important redirect and renew one's life. I am doing just that. I am focusing on creating a sanctuary for artistic like minds to refresh, renew and soar into new journeys and adventures. Why be bored. Add a lil art to your day! Kimberly

Art Expression said...

For me when I want to renew , I dance. I go in my garage and put on some music and clog. I always feel better afterward. I have been clogging for 16 years now, the best thing ever :)

Art Expression said...

I shared in Facebook !

Jodi Ohl said...

Brittany Gabel No luck! Not sure what's going on.
Like · Reply · 9 hours ago
Brittany Gabel Hi Jodi Ohl! I seem to be having trouble posting my comment. I've tried about ten times today!
Like · Reply · 9 hours ago

Toni Stacey Simpson said...

I renew by doing something crafty in my craft room! Love your blog and your art!

Toni Stacey Simpson said...

I shared!

Maureen H. said...

When I need to renew I try to take some time with my kitty. There is something so soothing about his purr and just spending time with someone who doesn't want anything but love from me!! Always cheers me up and gives me the strength to face whatever is next.

Kathy Lewis said...

To renew myself I watch the new "reality tv" which for me is Jodi's online art lessons. I learn something new every time because each on is so full of information!

Kathy Lewis

Patsy Paterno said...

I don't drive and I don't exercise, but I do a lot of painting! That really renews me! Love your bright paintings, it always makes me HAPPY!!! Patsy from