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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Big Audacious Dream and How to Live It

 It was a little over 2 weeks ago that I saw the sun peek over this shop in Manteo in a way that was brilliant and blinding, comforting and exhilarating as one might expect when you are about to embark on an adventure that you are not quite sure what will unfold around any corner, or in this case, sand dune.
 I'm fairly certain I do some of my best thinking in the car on the way to someplace or on the way back.  It's like a little cocoon that I can't escape from and have to just forge ahead and make decisions, make plans and I have as long as it takes to get there. Business meetings with my friends, especially one in particular (Jean Skipper) manifest organically and purposefully at the same time while we head to a show, a gallery, a shop, or some other magical destination like the Outer Banks.   Quite different than business meetings in board room as once held in my former life as a bank manager.  

And then we get out and take a break from our discussion and hike along the beach, take a moment at a rest stop, or grab a bite to eat and carry on our talk about the future, the directions we are heading, where we need to tighten up the process, and what may need letting go.  I like the breaks along the beach as we took on our way to Ocracoke Island.  In the midst of talking about our dreams, we took the opportunity to actually appreciate the fact we were already living one of them, in this very moment. 
 The beauty of having a career that derives from what you do with your own two hands, imaginative mind, and soulful heart,  is that you can do it anywhere for the most part.  And it is a wonderful thing to actually DO IT in different locations because there is inspiration around every bend outside of this 17 x 20 foot studio I spend most days in.   It's okay to step outside of the side door that protects me from the world while I tool away in the art space and take the opportunity to fill the well with the rest of the world that is waiting to be discovered.
 We talked about the big audacious dreams we have for the future, and what or when exactly is the future....perhaps the future isn't so distant after all or the big dream doesn't have to be an all or nothing type of dream. It can be achieved in little chunks that lead up to the pie in the sky type of goal or aspiration.   I have lots of big audacious dreams.  And they change like the flow of the tide, going in and out of sight with strength or ease as the days and months progress.  One thing I'd like to do is to just go away for awhile, to some romantic easy going place that is peaceful and relaxing and just create for a month or so at a time, and perhaps change the location that I do my 'residency' from year to year or quarter by quarter...whatever the world has in store for my dream.  To really, and I mean really dig into my art and achieve that depth I'm craving in a subject and not feel like I have to paint a picture a day unless I want to.  Of course right now or at least over the last few months, I've been on the train fast and furious in order to supply the shops I have with fresh inventory...and I want to continue to do that for the time being but at some point, I want to slow down and breathe, take time to dig in REALLY deep, and let happen, happen. 
It hit both of us, as we were traveling to our destination that the dream was unfolding as we speak but on a smaller scale, no it wasn't a month long residency, nor was it all about creating every day without interruption, but it was about gathering inspiration, taking time to enjoy some photography, do research for a project we are unveiling soon (more about that later), and of course creating in the midst of several other artistic  friends. The dream was already here just not exactly as first envisioned.
It was an aha moment.
One that you had to get out of the car, slow down, maybe even miss the first ferry in order to see.
The life I'm living right now isn't one of plenty in material things anymore. It really never was when I was working in the bank either. But it's a more soulful existence. One that I know I'm reaching more people over a larger expanse of the world by doing, one that I'm reaching deeper into myself with every day that I'm blessed with waking to, and to keep it going, it's obvious...I just need to keep dreaming. And doing. And then dreaming some more, then wake up to realize that the moment I have been waiting for is right here in front of my eyes.

What's your big audacious dream? 
Is it something you can live even in a small way today? Or at least do something today to walk yourself towards it tomorrow?



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joanne sharpe said...

Jodi, this is a BEAUTIFUL post! You are such a brilliant writer and i really found myself drifting off thinking about my own audacious dreams. I too do my best work at the ocean! Huggs!

Dawn Gold said...

A great read, makes me ponder my dream..simply to take time for me to grow in art