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Monday, December 24, 2012

Thoughts on the Holidays...and a MAJOR Special!

 It's hard to believe 2012 is coming to an end!  This year whipped by in the blink of the eye as are days of each passing year the older I get. It just reinforces the mindset that I have, if not now, when....days and nights blur together so it's up to us to make each one distinct and stand out  in our own worlds and OUT into the world.   This paintings I did last month says it all. Soar. Do it. Do whatever it is in your heart.   Make 2013 the year to remember.
 I have to admit, this Christmas is a lot different for me and my family. After having a death in the family you feel hole in your heart that isn't easily mended. I found myself having moments of wanting to call it all off and other moments where I felt the need to make it the best Christmas ever. Intentions to make it the best Christmas ever that is. It has been hard to get in the spirit because it just didn't feel the same.   Josh's Dad loved Christmas but worked so much during it he counted on others to make the 'experience'  I was in charge of the experience of the holidays and he was in charge of the goodies.  No, we weren't together but he remained my best friend for the 14 years that I knew him and was a part of our life.   Josh said to me the other day in a quiet way that it just didn't feel like the Christmas. I wondered if I played a role in that because it has taken me a while to create the feeling that experience that I was always in charge of...this year my intentions have been to make it better than it has been but of course that has been impossible to do. 
It took some time for me to get it all together but I think I'm back in the spirit I had somewhat lost over the last few weeks.   I woke up yesterday determined to make the holidays come alive in the house and in our hearts.
The tree is decorated, the cookies have been baked, the house is ready for Santa and all the little elves that will be stopping by but we will be missing someone very important to all of us, and that's something you just can't change but you can honor those not with us anymore buy continuing to live a life that is full and generous to others. While instincts may at times call us to only want to curl  up in a warm blanket and close our eyes and go to sleep to forget what isn't there anymore, it isn't the answer.   Instead, we will honor the memory of his Dad by doing things we've done in the past,and simply never forget our blessings bestowed upon us by having him in our life for the short time we did.
In closing, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let's never miss an opportunity to show how much we care for those in our lives.  A mission for 2013 and beyond, spread kindness, caring, generosity,and most of all, love wherever you can.

With Gratitude and Love,

Jodi Ohl
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1 comment :

Debi Minter said...

I am seriously LOVING your semi-abstract of the bluebird!!! I wish I hadn't already taken your classes so I could take advantage of your AWESOME special!!! I absolutely adored Painterly Pink and I can't wait to see what your next class is going to be. I'm sure you'll find me in it because you are one awesome and giving instructor Jodi. I hope you have a very blessed Christmas holiday!! Lots of Love and BiG HuGGs!
Debi Minter