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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Illuminate with Luminarte--coupon code available for Twinkling h20s and Silk Acrylic Glazes

 Hello friends!  It's been quite colorful lately in my studio thanks to my friends at Luminarte who I am embarking on a partnership of sorts to  bring you online classes and project samples using their amazing and wonderful Silk Acrylic GlazesTwinkling H20s, and Primary Element Pigment powders.
There are so many applications for these wonderful paints that I'm only beginning to scratch the surface.  Here's just a few of my samples from the last couple of weeks: 
 Shimmering glazes of color and resists using Silk Acrylic Glazes and Acrylic paints.
Luscious backgrounds that blend, float, shine, and have elements of sheer translucency when combined together. The special blend of mica along with the paint create a reflective shimmer that you almost could gobble up its so yummy!
 The colors are intense, don't be fooled by the small cakes in the twinks...they last for a very long time. As do the silks, I believe those jars are about 1 oz...but again, the glazes are intense, especially when layered.
 Look at the vibrant colors achieved when painting on fabric!  Whoohoo!  Now of course this is just a decorative piece since the products are water based but nevertheless, you can paint on fabric and have tons of fun! 
 Layer over collaged papers and blend with inks and acrylics for a look that is so unique, you want to experiment with all the different techniques that are available!
 I mixed an orange color with white acrylic just to see what would happen (silk glazes with acrylic) and you get a muted shimmery color that will warm up your paint and meld into subsequent layers for another cool effect.
 How could you resist this rainbow of color????? I want to eat them all up!!
 Collage, paint, shimmer, layers of fun!
 Add silks over acrylics to create a rich glaze of colors that literally pop off the canvas!
Paper, canvas, fabric...whatever your substrate of choice will love these paints and to test them out for yourself, I will be offering a SPECIAL blog code for my readers (blog and facebook) that will entitle you to 10% off of your ENTIRE purchase of any product from Luminarte!
YAY....who doesn't love a sale!
Other good news..I have two upcoming classes featuring Luminarte paints and pigments...the first of which will be available near the end of August called "Painterly in Pink" . One of my samples for the class has been donated to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness and will be a part of a big magazine article in the fall (along with several other artists who have donated to the cause).  How awesome is that? I think it would be ultra cool if you joined in on the class and maybe joined in on the mission for this cause in your own way by donating one of your pieces if you so choose!  Our project for the class will last 6 weeks after which I will still be available for questions and answers but it will be more of a self study course (which of course you will have full access to the videos and any other content offered).

Book mark this page HERE and stay tuned for all the details (other coolness about taking this online course will be the fact the students will get money back via the website to shop for supplies so it will be a HUGE value to you in so many ways!!)
In the meantime...if you want to test out the paint and experiment on your can try them out and received 10% off your ENTIRE purchase!

How to redeem the discount, simply use coupon code:
Don't delay, this coupon is only good until July 19, 2012!

Hope to see you in an upcoming class either online or in person!

Plus Artist Faire

Artful Gathering "Who Are You"  (starts July 15th sign up today!!

*plus trunk show Sat and Sun!

Plus Trunk show!

Plus trunk Show!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Creatively Yours,
Jodi Ohl

1 comment :

grandmad1ana said...

My kids purchased 25 of these lovely paints last year for my birthday. I have only one problem with them- they do not stay mixed. In other words the colors separate, and I have to re-mix them EVERY time. As a result, I have not used them much. It's a chore to have to re-mix each time I want to use them. Also a terrible waste of the paint having to stir them with a brush or a stick. Is there SOMETHING I can do to keep them usable?
Diana Ramsey