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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Encaustic Studio Book Release Blog Hop

Welcome to “The Encaustic Studio” by Daniella Woolf blog hop book event sponsored by Interweave and RF Encaustics!

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving the book,  “The Encaustic Studio” by Daniella Woolf which was just released by Interweave. I was so excited to see that the book includes a special DVD  that is worth purchasing in and of itself.  As many of you may know, I have played with mimicking encaustic paintings through using gel mediums, collage and acrylic paints but this book is the real deal. Anything you could possibly want to know about encaustic painting from safety, tools, materials, how to size, color discussion, collage tips, and more can be found in Daniella’s comprehensive book.   I learned so much just by reading the book and then I discovered her complimentary dvd in the back and it was I attending a personal workshop with Daniella  in my living room.  Her serene voice, easy to understand directions, and her all encompassing information is sure to  educate and entertain anyone that has an interest encaustic  painting or would like to know more about the medium.
In addition to supplying a huge list of resources, explaining numerous tools that should be in an encaustic painters tool box, Daniella also shares with her readers several motivational tips that have worked for her. One tip that really resonated with me was how to work ‘boundlessly’ with a contained creative environment.  As much as we want to try everything and anything, when we set limits on what we need to use, or a limited palette for color, we find ways to take our art to a new level rather than become paralyzed by too many choices. I’ve worked under that premise for a long time and hence you see a lot of my collections are created with a limited color palette.  In her video and her book she touches on how this has helped her become a better artist.

I’m also really excited about trying a very cool image transfer technique Daniella demos in her book and DVD using parchment paper and a toner copy!  While over wax the image practically slips off on to the silky smooth surface.  There are so many other awesome tips, tricks and techniques, this book is a must buy resource for any aspiring encaustic artist.
 To enjoy a peek inside of this new book, take a look HERE

Join all the other talented artists and bloggers that are also participating in this blog hop and meet the artist herself, Daniella Woolf

Now it's onto the party! Blog posts will be appearing throughout the weekend, so be sure to bookmark this page and try not to miss anyone.
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Speaking of encuastic painting, I am thrilled to be teaching my Fearless Faux Encaustic Painting Live at Create NJ coming up this July! We will be working in collage, acrylic paints, and a variety of mediums to create juicy translucent (and some not so translucent) layers  in the several samples you will walk away with during this full day of inspiration and fun. I hope to see you there! To register for the class, simply go to the Create website for NJ and then scroll through the class offerings. Fearless Live will be held on Thursday from 9-4 of the Create retreat week. 
Jodi's Workshops:

    Story Block Collage (6 hours) (Wednesday)

    EZ Peezy Photo Collage Projects (3 hours) (Wednesday evening)

  Fearless Faux Encaustics Live (6 hours) (Thursday)

    Graffiti Sweet HeART Magnets (3 hours) (Thursday evening)

Okay so my advice to day is go out and buy Daniella’s book and then hop over to Create’s website and join in on one or more of my classes ))  You won’t be sorry either choice (or all the

Creatively yours,

Jodi Ohl


Kathryn said...

It looks so exciting, I may just be tempted to try encaustic for the first time.

Denise said...

Take the plunge and go for it! I used to paint with only acrylics and the realm of gels and mediums. When I started using encaustic paints, I found an art medium that is so versatile and beautiful.

Lisa said...

So happy there is an instructional DVD in the book. I never thought of faux encaustic with gels - that sounds fun and cheap as I already have the supplies! Thanks.

Theresa said...

The colors are so beautiful!! I think I need to give this a try!!!

cal8007 said...

Thanks so much for sharing a few pages of the book. Makes me want to try the techniques in my mixes media projects.

madelincwolf said...

Thanks for the review of this awesome-sounding book. I would love to try encaustic and now would like to try faux encaustic as well!

Crafty Girl said...

Thanks for your review of the book, and the sneak peek too. Loved your site too, love the creativity I found here!!

Reflective Art Studio said...

WOnderFul.... Work!!
I can't wait to give this medium a try....
I used to melt crayons as a kid on my Mom's griddle.... Ha ha
sure that I was not the first to do this.
Warmly melted-
Sarinda Jones

Liz Lumsden said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the new book. Your classes look intriguing, too bad I am so far away!

techne said...

i doth covet this muchly. please place my name amongst the myriad suitors.