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Monday, April 16, 2012

A little tour of my artsy world and our next Artful Gathering instructor, Zinnia Galliher!!

Hi kids! Waving hello from sunny NC..and sharing pics from my latest show (first of the season) in Acworth, Ga.  You can see behind me my new collection of owls and summertime art that I've been doing (whimsical beachy characters, mermaids, and lighthouses).  Color collections are something I've been working on since I've began painting and it's one of the most exciting parts of playing out ideas I have in my head and doing so in funky colors that really pop and speak to those that view my work.
 Here's a little peak from the side of the booth...lots of nooks and crannies of goodness spread throughout. One thing I strive to do in my shows is to have something for everyone, so even if you can't afford my 600 dollar painting, I have everything from cards for 4.00 to small minis under 25 and everything in between! Hopefully that's a good strategy..I have tossed it up in my head as to whether or not to only bring mid to high priced originals and forgo all the little items but the economical voice in my head says to have something for everyone because I hope to inspire the masses and not just a select few with my artwork.
On the flip could hurt me because if someone sees a print for 12-15 dollars, after they see an original..they may opt for just the print but its a gamble either way you look at it...
 ...some of my mermaids in my new collection :)
Cake art along side some of my marketing material from published work in some awesome magazines :)
2 of my favorite new paintings. I especially love the colors in the my long village painting, "A Beautiful Messed Up World" also contains graffiti writing on top and underneath the work of all of my life secrets. If you took the time to decipher it'd really gain some insight into my world!! LOL That could be good or bad depending on how you look at it!!

 My funky lighthouses...I've been painting tons of these pretties for my summer galleries down by the beach and for anyone that truly loves the majesty and mystery of lighthouses...the symbolic wisdom of guidance and direction they offer as well as the staples of a coastal community, offering safety and direction to those that need it the most.  I'm fascinated by them but of course I like to portray a fun version of what I see and that's exactly what this series is all about. :)
whoohooooo...some more owls in fact these are samples from my upcoming class at Artful Gathering (and today is blog hop day so be sure to read on and meet another wonderful instructor!).  Sign ups start MAY 3rd!!!!!!! YAY~

This is a playful graffiti abstract that I just adore, it's a 24 x 36 painting that to me encourages one to just go for it..lay all your cards on the table and just dive into the world, take a chance, explore, discover, and be YOU.
Go out and enjoy this world, we only have one chance to get it right!! :)
And now....check out our next instructor for the Artful Gathering blog hop, our fearless leader, Zinnia Galliher
Our Next Artist is Up for the Artful Gathering Blog Hop!

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