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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Life and Love...through art...

On Life and Love....things I've learned...
First off, Happy Valentine's Day My Loves!  I hope you are treated extra special by those that are closest to you...the best gift of all is to know someone is out there and that they care about you. It's not the big things that matter in the end, it's the million little things that add up over time that create life's biggest moments.
I've learned you need to Choose Wisely on how you spend your time and not get so wrapped up in your own little world that you forget to make a difference in someone's day...even if it's a quick hello to let them know you are thinking of them, or a favorite breakfast cooked on a lazy Sunday morning.  It all matters.
I've learned that life does get messy sometimes but you must Embrace Life and all that happens to does happen for a reason and although it's a cliche thing to say, it is very true.  Sometimes you need to feel that darkness to appreciate the light that is beyond it.   Sometimes it may be a wake up call to get back on the right path...the one you are on is the wrong one, it's time to turn around and go in another direction.  What you make of those bumps in the road, helps define who you are today.  
Embrace it all.
I know it's hard for me to say that because lately I haven't felt like embracing it....I've had moments of disillusion and anger because of things that have happened but in the end, I am constantly learning from them and becoming a better person for it all....and I know you can, too....even when you don't want to ...forge ahead and you can come out stronger on the other side.
I've learned that life is need to enjoy it...make memories, have adventures and 
revel in the sweeter side of every day life.   Do what you are passionate about. It will feed you unlike anything other. 
I've learned Life is Good....there are a lot of really really good people out there within arms reach.  Even when you may think you have been abandoned or left alone on the side of the road with no one within miles to come and rescue you...there are a lot of people out there ready to be there for you if you call on them.  I've learned that you need to open up to them in order for them to help you along the way, and once you's like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders.  
The good far outweigh the bad but it doesn't take away the fact that the bad can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.  Don't let them win by crumbling.   I'm believing in that more and more every day.  It's actually fueled my own fire in a lot of ways.   Believe in the good, and conquer that which is bad by not letting it get the best of you in any way shape or form.
I've learned that as fulfilled as I feel in my career and home life, I still want someone "To Be With Me" and have a special someone by my side.  After a long time away from a relationship, its time to move on with my life, and open up to allow that special person to come in.  I miss having someone to talk to, to share things with, laugh with, enjoy the every day life and the adventures life has to offer.  Hopefully that void will be filled one day.
I've learned especially this year and really over the last couple of years that you can "Do Anything"....but you must first "Begin".   I've said it time and time again, dreams are wonderful but they will never come true unless you make them happen.  You must take action to achieve, you must give to receive.   You can seriously, do anything you set your mind to.   Put it out there what you want in life and take steps toward it!  You can do it!
I've learned unfortunately that while you should "Listen To Your Heart"...don't ever ignore your head.  The voice of reason balances the voice of emotion.  They both matter.
And lastly, I've learned from time to time, it's okay to indulge, pamper yourself, pamper others. 
Life is sweet.  It's okay to enjoy it once in awhile. You must work hard, that's a given....but it doesn't have to be all about work.  You will miss too much along the way if you don't take time off to enjoy the finer things life  has to offer.

Happy Valentine's Day and beyond, may your world be filled with smiles, warm hugs, laughter, and special moments!



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Regina said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jodi!
You're a beautiful soul.
God bless you.

heather noye said...

purple and teal! my favorite color combination!! for the moment anyways lol... it seems to change daily...

Katyoparty said...

Hi Jodi--thanks for sharing your heart! Happy Valentines Day!

Michelle Kocher said...

hi jodi
wonderful stuff, just wonderful