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Monday, January 02, 2012

Here's to New Beginnings...2012 and beyond.

 The Beach in January???   Why the heck not?!  
Let's try new things in 2012.  Be open to new adventures and throw out your tendencies to do things just because they are expected or you have gotten into a routine!
 Open yourself up to a new perspective in 2012.   See things through another person's eyes.   See things new and fresh through your own.   Be open. Be THERE.  Be Grateful that You CAN.
 Don't build up your walls so high that you can't see through to the other side.  There's a whole wide world out there that you will never notice if you are locked in your own, protected, safe guarded, and closed free to step past those walls and explore.  I am going to do that this year...explore new more open to new more open and giving with myself.  Let go of the protection, even if it leaves me vulnerable to hurt.  There's nothing to loose and everything to gain by doing so.
 Take time to play.  Hop on the ferris a walk along the in the wind and get your feet wet in the water.   Life has been so much about work and yes we do need to work hard...but work hard so we can enjoy the fruits of our labors. Know when its time to shut down for the day and enjoy your loves around you whether it be people or doing the things you love to do.  That's why you work so enjoy life. Don't let it slip by like a grain of sand through your hand.
 Love....awww sweet and precious love. I have so many loves.....and I am growing more in love with those around me every day.   And growing more in love with what I do and who I am with.  Whether it be family,  friends,  art....or a special there for them.  Be giving and stay connected.  Don't loose touch, don't loose that spark, don't take for granted the blessings you all ready have.  When you show true gratitude and live a life of gratitude...more wonderful blessings are bestowed upon you in amazing ways. Like magnets scattered around the earth...the things that are meant to....will come to you.  Trust that is so.
 The waves roll in and gently recede out at times. That is the way of the world....but they come in for sure and they always will...and when they are meant to..they will come back. You must let some things just be and enjoy them for what they are. You can't change everything or everyone, but you can change yourself, even if it is of the mindset alone.  Actions come later, attitude comes first.
 Everything meets and comes together perfectly.  Again, perspective is a wonderful thing that we are enabled to view from many different angles.  Try new angles in your every day.  With eyes wide open, see....truly see what is out there in the great big exciting world.
 and then walk closer to those things you want....
 and tread carefully around the things you should avoid that can do harm to you.   Trust your heart to know the difference.
 Break the rules...beaches are not just for flip flops and sandals.  You can easily walk on them with boots and a jacket.  Who's to say you can't?   Only yourself. YOU are your biggest critic and your biggest obstacle in this world.   Don't let YOURSELF get in your way to greater things.
 There are many people who came before you and many who will come again after you leave.  Make your mark in this world while you can.  And know, that you do not walk alone. Be open to those things or feelings that will be the wind at your back when you need it, and cheer you on for the times you fly solo.
 Don't be afraid of the curves in the road and the changing paths.  Some roads may be smoother than others and may be navigated so much more easily. But in the end, every road holds an adventure of sorts.  Keep your eyes open to the sites along the way.
Here's wishing you a New Year of wonderful beginnings.   A year full of adventure and reflection.  May achievements be plenty and  joy abundant,  the lean times few and far between and dreams captured and wrong turns abandoned. I wish you a year and beyond of true love and personal growth, surrounded by family, friends and all that you hold dear. 
Don't be afraid to do the unexpected and walk around the walls you may have built so you can see the beauty waiting for you on the other side. 
It's been waiting your entire life for you to find it.

Jodi Ohl


Petie said...

Jodi!!! I love your blog and your outlook and your amazing photos!! What beach is this? There's nothing wrong with the beach in January, I'm going in February!! :-)
I know your year is going to be fabulously awesomeness!! :-)

Jodi Ohl said...

Thank you Phyllis! I love you too :) you have the best outlook of anyone in life! You are amazing...have fun in February, perfect time to go and reflect! This is Myrtle Beach, and the boardwalk that they built last year or's cleaned up nicely and very enjoyable to walk along.

Kelly Warren said...

Beautiful post, Jodi! And I absolutely love the beach this time of year...crowds are gone and you mostly have the place to yourself.

Georgie Horn said...

We've visited the beach in January before and loved it! What a lovely, lovely post....come by for some puddin n pie...

Linda M. said...

Jodi, I love the beach but I haven't been to one for quite some time. Myrtle Beach would be so much fun. I also enjoyed your photo journaling, very thoughtful statements. Here's to a new year of exploring new things. Hugs, Linda