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Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 What a Journey It Will Be!

 Happy Thursday on this cold but sunny January Morning coming to you from me in the Sandhills of North Carolina. I hope the holiday hoopla has you excited coming into the New Year full of hope and promise for the adventures that surely are ahead for us all!
Over the last few weeks I have had a bit of a break from shows and classes to percolate ideas for upcoming workshops and retreats that will be held not just locally but around the US!!  I'm so excited to travel to new places and meet a host of wonderful and talented students. I have several new classes in the works for not just in person but for online workshops as well.It's a challenge to come up with a ton of new and exciting ideas but a GOOD challenge as I am put in a place where I have to constantly formulate new ideas...and plan out how I can convey artistic processes to all of my students. It's a good problem to have because in doing so, I can see myself advance in my skills and talents.   
When we try new things and constantly try to perfect our skills....good....GREAT things happen.
Come and take a look at just a few things coming up:

 Planning new classes for events at Create  and Art Is

Behind the scenes myself and a host of tons of other talented artists are gearing up for a PREMIER online summer art retreat at Artful Gathering 2012.   This week we started our promotions with a Blog Hop Party and my blog was the first stop along the sure to check out my post as not only are we advertising our event and introducing you to all the instructors one by one...we have a game you can play that will culminate into a chance to win over 200 dollars in art supplies from Jerry's Artarama!!
You must visit all the blogs in the next couple of months to be eligible and collect the prize 'tokens' to win don't delay...join in on the:

Over the last few months I've steadily been adding new items to my online shop and i wanted to extend a sincere thank you to my loyal customers and fans by offering a special 15% coupon off your ENTIRE purchase throughout the month of January!  Be sure to stop by often as I have several new things to add...but don't delay, part of my plan for the new year is to keep the shop fresh by constantly adding and taking out merchandise to restock galleries....If you see something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can!! :))

As if the online shop special wasn't  awesome sure to take advantage of my NEWEST online class special,  Fearless Faux Encaustics.  For the first time ever, I am offering this class at a discounted prices of 50.00, normal price is 65.00 . This will be a limited time only special, good now through 1/22/12

As a special bonus, my local friends in and around the Moore county NC area will be treated to two mini workshops at the end of January and beginning of February.
"Doodlicious:  Flower Power   on January 29th.

To sign up for local workshops at Swank, email Jessica or Petra at
I'm also SUPER DUPER excited to announce that I will be teaching at the incredible and  inspirational studio of Jane Powell, Random Arts in Saluda, NC.   I have never taught there nor have I ever been to that neck of the woods in NC so I am doubly triply amazingly excited to be heading west and hanging out with all the creative peeps at Random Arts.  I will be doing two workshops on March 3rd and 4th.  On the 3rd we will be doing abstract paintings then composing a funky face over the background.    I have included two samples for you to view.   Then on March 4th we will enjoy a day of journaling on an altered children's board book.  I will be concentrating on face painting again but slightly different exercises using a variety of fun tools and techniques.   To sign up for either (or both!) classes, be sure to visit  the Random Arts website and or contact Jane Powell.

Last but not least, my dear friend Sharon Digulio has delighted me once again by asking met to come back in 2012 for not just one work shop but THREE workshops at Jerry's Artarama in  Raleigh, NC. If you have never taken a workshop at Jerry' don't know what you are missing--the vibe is so cool not to mention if you don't have a certain supply...well folks it's like a candy store there for creative types!!  whoooohooo! I can't wait to go.  My first workshop will be On March 10th where we will be doing a journal exploration of painting with crayons and pencils.  I'll review a lot of options for drawing material that can be activated with water for a bounty of creative fun all the while composing in our journals. (I will be featuring Strathmore mixed media journal).
My workshops  Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh NC.  Click HERE

For a full listing of upcoming workshops, I have added and updated a new page on my blog specifically for workshops!  I'm getting close to filling up as many as I can do up until October, but if you are interested in setting up something with me, feel free to contact me at and I'd be glad to discuss options available!

Until we meet again, may love fill your heart and creativity guide you into the world full of color, happiness and peacefulness!

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Karen said...

Will see you at Random Arts in March!!Can't wait!!