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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fearless Faux Encaustic Winner and other Art Everyday Goodness

It's hard to believe less than a week away, my relaunch of FEARLESS FAUX ENCAUSTIC workshop will be live (November 14th, 2011)!  I'm so excited to be sharing this workshop with all my friends, those I know and the friends I have yet to meet.  This class promises to lead you through making a collaged painting,   full of juicy layers and delightful mystery as we encase our  work with a fun mixture of mediums that mimic encaustic painting. it doesn't smell as sweet as honey like encaustic does, but you will be sweet with artsy goodness for all that you will learn over the course of the videos and PDF files! :)    
To check out some snippits of the class, click on the video and  enjoy!
To celebrate the opening of this class, I offered a giveaway for a class tuition and we now have a winner!! Wooohoooo.....I apologize its a  few days late though,  I didn't plan the dates well enough as I was out of town for the last few days attending the wedding of my beautiful cousin in Rochester, NY. Take a look at a couple of snapshots....

 Sniff Sniff...I remember when Julie was a wee one and kept asking all of her cousins and really anyone that would listen if she could be in our wedding.....when were we going to get married, when were we going to have kids.....and here she is now, all 'growd'  up looking radiant as ever and about to start a life of her  own with her handsome husband.
.....oh yes we were just about to reveal the Winner of the it you????   Well if you are this person , then you are the lucky winner"
Blogger francine said...
Hi Jodi, first of all I love your work and seeing all these great artists has taken a lot of my fear out of doing my own artwork I was always afraid to do art, even though it was always in me, and now I am doing it! Thanks!
2:30 PM

Congratulations Francine!!!  Doing the happy dance as I send goodness your way :) Please send my you email address so we can send you an invite to the workshop next Monday!!
Even though the contest is over, the registration for the class is ongoing so don't fear--in fact, live fearlessly and try something new with me!  You will have 24/7 access to the videos and content while a student AND the class is guaranteed to be up for a year,  total cost for the class ends up being less then 20 cents a day!!  How can you beat that?   Stop over to Creative Workshops for more details. 

In addition to having a wonderful but short visit with my family (ohhh how I miss them soooo much!), i did bring some art supplies with me but the one I ended up using the most was my camera....It's Art Everyday Month over at  Creative Everyday. I enjoy this challenge every year because it really sets the tone for the new year.  By reigniting the creative flame by simply creating every day, you will be amazed to see how much you can accomplish in the span of a month with little investment (can be as small as 10 minute increments) or as much as you can spare (a 3 hour journal fest or 5 hour paint splash would be heavenly). Anyway with being away I really just used my camera to extend my creative voice.....take a look (plus see pics above;):


Perspective can change the whole look of a photo:
I'm trying to pay attention to light sources and opportunities to capture a unique reflection:
Taking a moment to decide where to shoot from to take advantage of natural juxtapositions :

And just being ready to  snap a moment that would have otherwise been doesn't have to be a grand scene to say a  lot about that moment.

So there you have it...some pics from this last week, the first week of November and the first week of Art Everyday Month.


One last mention and this is a BIG one....oh my, Tamara Laporte just sent out the line up and class schedule for her Lifebook course that is starting January 2012 and it is JAM...I mean JAMMMMMM packed full of events, lessons, interviews, videos,  prompts, ezine,   and will be missing out BIG time if you bypass this workshop!!   I'm honored to be teaching 3 different lessons and doing an interview with Tamara during the course of the year as well as playing along!!    If you haven't seen what all the fuss is about, be sure to click the image to be taken to the Lifebook won't regret it!!

Well that's all she wrote for now...I'm off to clean the studio, unpack from my trip and make way for one heck of a creative day....hope you enjoy yours!  Cheers!!

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