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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life Lessons and More

A lot of life lessons learned lately.  First off, you need to have faith, faith in the one above, faith in yourself, and faith in others.  Things will happen as they are meant to be.
You need to love yourself first and take care of YOU before you can take care of others, and for others to love you back.   Love comes in many different forms.   Understand that what you perceive it should be isn't always what it is.

Above all, cherish and hold dear that which is truly yours, your home and those around you who venture into your surroundings.  Home can also mean your community.  Make it a better place by being a part of it and supporting you own.   Home is where you make it, don't always look back at where it was, look forward to where it can be.  Right where you are, right now.
When the time comes, you must fly away and allow others to do the same.  It is the way the circle goes, and in most cases it comes back full circle.  And if it does not, it wasn't meant to be. Be okay with the moments you had with that person or persons.  They made who you are today and you are better for it. Truly believe it no matter what trials or tribulations you may have faced.   When the time comes, allow your feet to be unsteady as you fly away towards your own dreams and even towards new people that should be in your life.  Things do happen for a reason.

If you missed Part One of my two part newsletter yesterday....have no fear.  :)
Click HERE to read the story, and it truly is more of a story than a newsletter.  Enjoy.

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donna!ee said...

AMEN...sing it sister! faith in God, perspective & determination matter!!! blest be :)