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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fearless Faux Encaustic Work Shop Tick Tick Tick!

 Don't miss out on the fun in my "Fearless Faux Encaustic Discovery" class! Students are having a blast already playing with backgrounds, learning about collage techniques, testing the waters with a variety of gel mediums....

...playing around with stamping and well as delightful  mark making!  Have you ever taken an online course before?   One of the advantages of taking an online course is that you truly can work at your own pace, if you want to 'study' at 2 in the morning you can do it! Another huge advantage of online learning is that you have the instructor's (me) attention for 6 weeks or more in most classes.....wowza.  With in person classes you have a set time and when class is over, it's over.    What about making connections with other students???  We have a great dialogue going on in our forums that even though you can't sit down and chat with your classmates, you can certainly develop a friendship and message one another, share stories, ask for feedback, and most of all encourage each other to create! addition to all the wonderful benefits I just mentioned, you also get PDF files that walk you through the steps and in my class, the students are getting a free collage sheet of images of mine to use.    Not bad for over 3 hours worth of videos, 6 weeks plus of teacher/student interaction,  wonderful creative connections made and most of all LOTS of fun without the hassle or expense of leaving home.  .  With that said, going to in person classes is a wonderful experience as well....but it not be accessible to many due to cost or distance.      Don't delay,  class registration is only open until July 30th, 2011!!!  Class cost is $65.00.  Come join me at Fearless Faux Encaustic Discovery!

1 comment :

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Hi Jodi!
Just wanted to stop by your blog and tell you how much I enjoyed your Faux Encaustic class!
Learned so much and enjoyed your teaching style!