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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bright Ideas.....

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Well, in this instance, you can't really eat these babies, but they do last longer than your normal cake.  Instead of popping in the freezer to savor on your anniversary, you can walk by your wall and reflect on your special day with my Sweet Personal Cake paintings!

I've been loving painting cakes for a while now but the thought of personalizing them came to me from a co-worker who suggested adding names, special dates and or wording to them for a truly unique gift that isn't just a's an investment. I loved the idea and have already sold a couple!!! woot woot!

Purchasing art truly is an investment, one that will pay dividends for years to come.

Make a wish....and make it count.  I want to help you give a gift from the heart.
I'm diving into un-chartered territory here by offering personalized art, but truly there is nothing to loose by venturing down a road that you know you'll love the scenery along the way. I am in love with painting, happy bright, cheerful painting.    I'll win no matter what, with or without a sale as I'm living and dreaming and stepping one foot closer to the door that is wide open to possibilities that are only limited by my willingness and bravery to make them happen.
What dreams are you making happen today?  Dream the impossible as there is nothing to loose and everything to gain :)

In other's a peak at my booth from this weekend's show. I had to change  how I normally set up because of a different configuration for the show and you know what...I love how it looks. I've never had 2 sides open but I love walk through created with this set up.  Sometimes it takes a little mixing up of the norm to find a better way to do things. 

During the show  I had an opportunity to demo and work on this journal page (created with the Strathmore 9x12 mixed media journal,  neocolor II crayons, inktense pencils, and Derwint graphtint pencils).  It reads,  "It's taken me my whole life to realize the worst of times were the very things leading me to all the best life has to offer".   When you have obstacles in your path, and big road blocks that make you turn around and go in a new direction,  I'm beginning to realize that they were put there for a reason, to get me to the place that I needed to be at all along. Those detours led me to an even better place, one that I couldn't have found had I not gown through the rough patches, roadblocks, detours and all the mis-steps along the way.

 It's easier to see looking back than it is to look forward sometimes

:)  Have an artfully creative week full of sunshine and bright ideas along the way.


Theresa said...

Your cakes look yummy Jodi! Very cool seeing how you set up your booth too! Happy Tuesday:)

Marylinn Kelly said...

Go, always go, in the direction of your dreams...something about which I need to remind myself. If "this" is not it, likely the next thing will be, but all our creative notions deserve a chance. Personalized art of a celebratory nature seems like an idea with great potential. And I completely understand cakes as subjects...I like to do illustrations of cupcakes. A favorite before they became so chi-chi, and one that will continue when they have ceased to be desserts-of-choice. I wish you boundless success with your cakes.

ArtSnark said...

love the idea of a personal cake "portrait" :) fantastic color as always! Your booth looks great too. I do a lot of tradeshows for work & we always try to get either a corner or an endcap to have at least 2 open sides. It really can make a difference & increase your traffic . Hope you are feeling better & have a creative day!

Melanie Statnick said...

Just wanted to let you know, I saw your work in the Artful Blogging mag. Your very inspiring! So glad I found your blog!

Melanie Statnick said...

I've had to start a new blog, I love your work and have enjoyed your Somerset piece. This is my new blog if your interested
I lost all my followers when I started over..Bummer. They are slowly coming back over!

Pleasure to know you on facebook!