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Monday, January 10, 2011

Jodi Ohl Art Highlights Part 3

It's a snow day here in NC--I thought I moved to the South to get a way from all of this mess! We really had too much to do at work to be home but the safety of our peeps is most important--so I'm working from home on my art biz! Take a look at my 3rd montage, from October-mid November 2010. What a year it's been! In October I took a trip to Atlanta for the Norcross art show (my first out of town show)! Awesome art show BTW if you ever get a chance to get down there. November we did so much art wise, between participating in 'Art Everyday Month' to my Graffiti 2 class at Swank, demos at Art of the Carolina's, and even more demos locally at Swank. I also worked on classes and samples for Art Is coming up in October 2011. I definitely have to say Oct-Nov was one of my most busy months! I'm loving this 'look back' series on video I am doing. It's a great way to see at a glance the progress and evolution of my style. One more video to come and then we are all about 2011 and moving forward. Let's do this!


Kelly Warren said...

Very fun video. Neat to see so much work like that. great job! LOVE that song too. never heard it before.

Jennifer Simpson said...

Wow, what a beautiful blog - I'm so inspired by all you have going on with your artwork. Beautiful work and you go girl with getting published! That's one of my goals for 2011, I feel so inspired now :).

AngC said...

Hi there!
I've just stumbled across your blog and I must say I'm swooning... LOVE your art!


rachel awes said...

it's been lovely to discover your blog & beautiful art & insights!

laura said...

Wow, this really seals the deal on your evolution as an artist...amazing!