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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I don't have a whole lot of exciting news every day in my boring life but this is
 something very cool to report on today.....I have a new article in the upcoming issue of  Somerset Studios (Jan/Feb)!!  Whooooohoooo!  I was asked to write for their "With One Palette" department feature which was a huge honor!  The hardest part was picking out the color palette to use because I love to work with a limited palette and expand my wings while doing so.  There are so many awesome color combinations to work with, it's like picking out candy at a candy store..haha!
Anyway, this is was a great experience to be a part of and one that I feel like is a step in the right direction as I move into my art career more and more every day.  I wish I could wake up every day and got to work in my studio.  Honestly, there are so many things I want to do and do more of but time is the only thing holding me back.
If I had more time....I'd be putting my work in more galleries.  Stocking the galleries I have now more regularly,  doing more art shows, taking on more teaching opportunities, working my Etsy shop more diligently, sending my neswsletter out more regularly, writing more articles, start working on the book I want to do...yes there are many things I would do in addition to this list....if only.   But the positive thing is I am able to do a far amount of all of these things even working the full time job...and I do live a comfortable (not extravagant life but comfortable) life because of my job.   I am grateful for that. I just have an eye for the future..and I think it's about time I get a business plan in order so that I can really put down on paper what it is I want to accomplish and roadmap how it is I intend to get there.  It's all a part of my 2011 exit strategy. :)

(this piece above is one in my journal that was not included in the feature but one that I created with the xs paint from the pieces I worked on while creating the series for the article).
What are you going to strive for in 2011??  What are your News Years intentions (not necessarily resolutions...more like goals and achievements you want to work towards)?  
It's fun to think about all that you want to do if the world was at your fingertips.  Why just think about it though?  The world is at your fingertips...just reach out for it!

    While doing so....Be True to yourself. This is our chance to get it right, to be all that we were meant to be, and to follow our hearts towards our dreams.  I can feel that this is going to be a year of change.  I might have to let some things go so I can move forward. I may have to work harder so that I can position myself in the way that I want to be so I can do what I am drawn to do.  The signs are coming at me, it's just knowing when to turn down the road I know I'm meant to be on!
Speaking of being 'drawn' into a path....looky here...I'm taking Suzi Blu's self guided workshop and I'm loving this lesson which is really why I wanted to take this class(it's actually 3 classes bundled into one)....I want to enhance my drawing skills which I feel will in turn enhance my painting skills.  We can always grow and just takes practice practice practice.  I hope I never stop learning!  Sometimes even if we know how to do something ( I know how to draw, and I know how to paint), it's great to see a new perspective on that which you already know.  You take what you learn and apply it in a way that works for you and enhances what you do.  So go now....learn something new, or dare to see a fresh perspective.  Plan your intentions for 2011.....hopefully your  list will include bringing more passion and enthusiasm into your world by working towards things that really, truly, ignite your heart. Whatever that may be, may 2011 be the year that you find your way.  Be True, Strive, and enjoy the journey you are drawn to :)
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Liz-Anna said...

Congratulations, Jodi! I'll look for that issue. I am facing some new challenges in my life right now but mixed with the sorrow is a desire to create a life based on my own needs and desires. I still need some time for reflection but I'll definitely be striving to re-define myself.

Midwestie Lady - Linda said...

Congrats on the article! I'll be checking out that issue too! I like the idea of intentions rather than resolutions and am encouraged to make a business plan. I'm also checking out Suzi's workshop/self guided class. I'm like you and I do draw, but seldom include it in my mixed media art. Here's to an exciting New Year for all of us, filled with new art adventures!

Janet Ghio said...

The article was wonderful! I loved the color palette you chose! Yummy!

Cherie Wilson said...

Jodi, Jodi! So fun to see your blog. I just read your Art Saves story and popped over. What a delight, girlfriend:) I will have to look for this article you share on this blog post as well. Adorable work. I am in love with Art breathing some days. Just know I appreciate your honesty and authentic words on Art Saves......had a similar experience with a fella and oh my LOTS of life that art has saved me from as well. In fact, Jenny Doh will probably hear about it before it is all over......thanks for inspiring me! Love your work, love your heart. See you around!! XO

Mary said...

Congrats on the new article being published - I will look for the magazine at Borders.

Your blog is inspirational and uplifting. Came here from CED weekly check-in post :-)